Deliciously Genius Ways to Use and Preserve Citrus

There may not be a lot of fresh fruit available in the dark days of winter, but we do get the warm taste of sunny citrus. And best of all, with such a large variety available, it comes is all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and flavors! Now is the best time learn about, use, and preserve, citrus while it is in season and fresh!

Here are 5 delicious, simple ways to use and preserve citrus.

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With so many of beautiful fresh citrus fruit to try, why not try them all! Here are 10 of them to get to know.

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Kelli Foster, at The Kitchn, shows us how to make, amazing, citrus vinaigrette. Not only do you get a basic recipe for DIY, she also includes 5 easy citrus herb vinaigrette recipes! With flavors like Blood Orange Mint, and Pink Grapefruit Basil, the basic winter salad will never be the same!

Here are 5 delicious ways to add citrus to your pantry.
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Take a look at all of the recipes here!


When it comes to sweet and tangy curd, most people think of the yummy, traditional Lemon Curd. But Audrey, from This Little Street, shows us no citrus should be excluded from curd recipes. With more tangy Pink Grapefruit Curd, or sweeter Blood Orange Curd, you can turn a traditional dessert into an imaginative masterpiece with just a change in citrus,

Citrus Curds
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Learn how to make the best citrus curd, in any flavor, here!


Pump up the citrus flavor of any recipe with citrus salt! By using any available citrus you have on hand you can have homemade salt in any flavor you could imagine. Erin, at Platings and Pairings, shows us just how quick, and easy, it is to make this gourmet seasoning.

Here are 5 delicious ways to add citrus to your pantry.
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Take a look at the ‘recipe’ here!


Really embrace the season with this delicious, and fragrant butter! Quick and easy, use this recipe as a blueprint for all kinds of sweet and savory citrus butter ideas. The right compound butter can make a meal and using zesty citrus is a great way to brighten the dark days of winter.

Find out how easy it is at Sand and Sisal.


Sweet and colorful, citrus sugar is a great way to add zesty flavor to recipes! Gabrielle, at Design Mom, shows us how easy it is to make this sweet treat. Gabby also includes a free printable, just in case you want to turn it into a gift. (It might even take longer to jar and label the sugar than to make it!)

Here are 5 delicious ways to add citrus to your pantry.
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Get the directions for citrus sugar and the free printable here.


A bit more time consuming but totally worth it! These citrus wheels can added to tea or soups and stews, powdered and mixed with other spices for custom seasonings and marinades, or, mix with other whole spices for fragrant homemade potpourri.

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See how it is done and the beautiful pictures at Spoon Fork Bacon.


Always have fresh, flavorful, citrus zest on hand with this handy trick. Zest all of your organic, fresh citrus, dry it all and jar! Now you have the fresh taste for seasonal citrus all year round.

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Check it out a Diane, A Broad.


Homemade citrus syrups are so handy! You can use them in cooking, baking, cocktails, lemonade, homemade soda and more. Mary, at Blossom to Stem, shares a basic recipe for 3 different citrus syrups, in lemon, lime or grapefruit, but you can use any flavor of citrus.

Here are 5 delicious ways to add citrus to your pantry.
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Take a look at the recipe here!

Finding ways to add the fresh taste of citrus to your everyday pantry is not hard, expensive or time consuming! Using these basic recipes and some imagination you can enjoy bright citrus flavor, like a gourmet chef, at home or share it with friends! While it is fresh, use and preserve citrus whenever you can to brighten up your kitchen.

Your turn! If you have any refreshingly quick, and easy, ways to use and preserve citrus, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

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