Twitter 301: Infographics (you can’t live without)

Twitter is a powerful social network with millions of users, worldwide, looking for news and information, connecting to people with similar interests. It takes some time and knowledge to perfect your hashtag use, engage you followers, increase your following and get readers for your own awesome content! Use one, or more, of these graphics for some inspiration and start rocking Twitter!

I have only been using Twitter for a short time. These are my absolute favorite graphics to refer to for tactics, advice and knowledge- all things Twitter. Use one tip at a time and slowly grow the right followers, and readers, that are engaged, authentic and love your content. It may not be instant but it is definitely worth every new follower and contact.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter Etiquette


There are good ways, and not so good ways, to market you business on Twitter. To be successful, gain followers and have a presence, you must be authentic and represent your blog, or business, in the best possible way. Following these simple etiquette rules, from James Education Center, will help you successfully market your business and your blog!


6 Formulas to Increase Twitter Followers, Retweets and Blog Traffic


I love this infographic! These 6 Formulas to Increase Twitter Followers, Post Tweets & Traffic, from Pauline at TwelveSkip, is an easy graphic for how to grow an organic, and authentic, Twitter following using your own content! Twitter may not make your posts go viral but it does help to bring real, lasting, readers to you blog. It doesn’t take much to grow a new, unique, stream of traffic for your fantastic content.


Top 20 Twitter Marketing Tips for Business


Check out these Top 20 Twitter Marketing Tips for Business, from Social Media with Priyanka! These are simple ways for every small business to authentically, and strategically, market their business and make the most of your businesses presence on Twitter! With a few proven tactics it wont take you long to build a following of loyal clients and readers.


11 Types of Content You Need to Share on Twitter


“Content is King” is not just for blogging. When it comes to gaining real, engaged, followers on Twitter your content matters. Use these suggestions to have your already amazing content stand out in a crowd of tweets. Just give your potential followers content that is worth following, suggested by Post Planner, and a reason to click through your tweet!


How the Heck to Use a Hashtag


The girls over at Think Creative Collective put together this awesome infographic! Use the hashtag correctly to get all of your amazing content seen by the perfect readers! Hashtags can be used across multiple social media platforms and, if you use them correctly, can connect you to the right people in your niche through multiple paths!


7 Effective Ways to Engage on Twitter


Connect and converse with people on Twitter, don’t just share content. Wondering how to engage with all of your awesome followers? Check out this inforgraphic all about engaging with others while staying true to your niche community.


23 (rather marvelous) Twitter Best Practices


This infographic from Passion Digital provides you with 23 (rather marvelous) Twitter Best Practices. These tips for tweeting include setting up your profile, using hashtags, connecting and growing your community. It also includes how to shorten a normal conversational sentence to Twitter-speak! A perfect reference to keep on hand.

Looking for more information about Twitter?

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Now, whether you want to perfect your hashtag use, engage you followers, increase your following or take twitter by storm, these will help you achieve just that! With some tips, advice and tactics you will be able to gain an engaged, authentic following, not only for Twitter, but also you blog.

Your turn! If you have any questions, or advice, about using Twitter, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

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