Twitter 201: Twitter For Bloggers

Twitter can be a source of authentic, organic readers for your blog, steadily over time. When it comes to blogging, every source of traffic and readers is good but, some social media platforms can be better than others. Twitter is not a social media platform I would invest tons of time and energy into but it is not a complete waste of time.

The majority of people who use Twitter are good, normal people who want new information and to make new contacts! These are the potential readers you are looking for! You don’t need thousands of followers that are not engaged. Using Twitter to promote your blog is a perfect way to get the right readers for your awesome content! Twitter is not a go-viral-quick scheme but it is worth a small amount of time when promoting your blog and your content!

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If you are new to blogging, new to Twitter or are looking for more referral traffic to your blog, here are some tips to help!

“Content is King”

When it comes to your blog, no matter the platform, offer awesome content. Amazing content hits a pain point, has a clear message, causes an emotional response, is easy to read, teaches a simple lesson and so much more. Fantastic and compelling content is the foundation of all great social media and successful blogging.

Get on Twitter.

If you have a blog, you should be on Twitter. It offers a great opportunity for writers and business owners to connect to their current followers and reach potential clients and professional contacts. It is very easy to start a profile, begin tweeting and connect to new people. As a blogger, at the very least, set up an account and set it to automatically post a tweet when you publish a blog post.

New to Twitter? Check out Twitter 101: Twitter for Beginners

Make sure your profile matches your blog!

Be sure to include a link to your blog in your profile, an image that advertises your blog and/or your logo. Your bio being complete is the single most important thing to do on Twitter. Make your profile authentic, helpful, descriptive and hook people with it! This is your first impression to perspective clients, make it count!

Tweet, that’s the point.

You don’t need to spend all day on Twitter but the timeline runs more quickly than other social media platforms. You should be tweeting from 5-10  times a day, at different times and with varying content. More active Twitter users can even tweet up to once every half hour. This is completely acceptable as long as the topic and kinds of Tweets are varied, but this strategy is not at all necessary. You can tweet the same blog post up to three times a day but make sure to vary the image, tagline and hashtags to increase potential viewers.

Ask questions!

Asking questions on Twitter is a great way to get a conversation going and people involved. Don’t just post a statement, image, blog post title or a link. Ask a question that hits the pain points, gets people’s juices flowing and people talking.

Use hashtags!

Use hashtags when it feels and works naturally within a tweet. Only use hashtags that are relevant to the content of your tweet and your blog’s niche. This will help to increase your exposure to potential clients and readers. Don’t forget to join hashtag parties. At certain times of day, a group of people are on Twitter discussing a specific topic using a particular hashtag. Hashtag parties are a great way to engage and connect with new people within a specific niche and organically grow your followers.

Follow People.

Once your account is set up, you should begin finding and following genuine, authentic users. Make sure that these are people that are interested, or prominent, in your niche. Keep your tweet stream 80% related to your blog topic. If you have multiple blogs, or topics, you may consider creating two separate Twitter accounts. You should not follow more people than follow you. If you follow a lot more people than you follow it can create a bad impression.

Connect your Blog.

Make sure to mention your twitter handle on your blog! Place your Twitter information, or widget, where it is easy to find and begin following. Readers want to subscribe to their favorite blogs in different ways, some by email, others by social media and that includes Twitter!

What’s Trending?

Stay up to date on what is trending and post accordingly.  Take advantage of trending topics in your niche, if you have a blog post that goes with the trend, tweet it! Link your relevant tweets using the trending hashtag, join in the conversation and provide awesome information to your current and potential readers.


The whole point of Twitter is to connect and converse with others. When people reply or mention you in a tweet make sure to respond. You can use a favorite, reply, follow or retweet based on the connection that was made. How you connect is up to you but it is a social media platform that is made for directly connecting to others.

There is so much more to Twitter for bloggers than I have included here. I am a beginner blogger and new to Twitter. This advice is based on the basic strategy I designed for my blog. I share it with you here because it serves me well and I hope it can help you also!

With a little time investment your Twitter account can become a great source of referral traffic for your blog! With regular use, continued engagement, a great profile and awesome blog content, you can organically grow a loyal and engaged list of followers.

Your turn! If you have any advice for bloggers who would like to use Twitter to gain referral traffic, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

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