Smart Ways to Store Holiday Decorations (That’ll Make Your Look Like A Genius)!

Store holiday decorations without the hassle, now or later. No matter the holiday or the season, there are simple and easy ways to pack everything. Most of the time, the decorating is the fun part, while unpacking, packing-up and storing can be frustratingly annoying. In my house, nothing ever seems to fit and everything gets, tangled, dusty or broken. Well, not anymore!

Here are some smart ways to organize, pack and store all of your holiday decorations and décor!

Get Bins

Invest in, create or find, the right bins for your holiday decorations, Use big bins, small bins, bins within bins or boxes within bins it all depends on what you decide to store. I prefer small bins, within larger bins, that are all clear so I can see the contents. It does sometimes look more cluttered but I seems to save time and frustration.


Found at iheart Organizing.

Wreath Storage

Keep your artificial holiday wreathes lasting for years and looking great! Add a medium to large zip-tie to the back of each wreath (make it hidden). Using the zip-tie loop, hang the wreath from the neck of a strong clothes hanger. Cover the wreath with an upside down trash bag with a hole in the bottom then close the bottom. Label each wreath for the season you use it, and then hang them out of the way to store.


Found at Sew Many Ways.

Ribbon Storage and Dispenser

Use a metal clothes hanger to hang and store all of your ribbons. Untwist the top of the hanger, slide on the spools and reclose it. If your using a dry cleaning hanger with a cardboard tube, remove one end of the cardboard then slide on the ribbon spools and reclose. Store your ribbons out of the way, hanging in a closet, until they are needed. If you have lots of ribbon, use a muti-bar pant hanger.


Found at Real Simple.

Under the Bed Wrapping Station

For wrapping paper, shipping items and other wrapping supplies, use plastic, lidded, underbed containers. Store them under any bed in the house for an unexpected wrapping station. All of your supplies stay out of the way until the moment they’re needed. Buy one that’s long enough to hold your favorite rolls of gift wrap. Wrapping paper sizes range in length from 20 to 36 inches. Then add some drawer sorters, or refrigerator bins, for taming bags, tissue paper, tape, tags, and twine.


Found at Better Homes and Gardens.

Reuse Egg Cartons

Don’t let small, heirloom or ball ornaments get lost or broken. Save empty cookie tins, shoe boxes, egg cartons, and empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls, to help store these items. Small ball ornaments will fit into the slots of an egg carton for storing. Four egg cartons usually fit into a standard shoebox. Cut empty cardboard rolls into the size you need, put them into a cookie tin and create individual little compartments for fragile ornaments. You can even use a deep popcorn tin, cut cardboard to create levels and use cardboard rolls in the same way as the tin, in every level.


Found at DIY Network.

Ornament Storage

There are all kinds of ways to store your Christmas ornaments. I love this DIY ornament storage container (from all different sources) that keeps things neat and organized. It is also more frugal because you don’t need all of the extra packing supplies. Plus, it is cheap, quick and wicked easy to make! Because post-Christmas shouldn’t be daunting!

ornament-organizerFound at One Good Thing.

Store Your Lights

Cleanly coil your strands of lights, use a twist-tie, or zip-tie, to keep them organized, or wrap each strand around a cut and sized piece of cardboard. Then put each contained strand within a gallon sized, closable storage bag. Now your lights wont tangle, and you can easily store them in any way you would like.


Found at Organize 365.


Candles are used for entertaining, holiday’s and home décor, and thus included in your decorations. If you have multiple pairs of candlesticks, there is any easy and safe way to store them, without fear of them breaking. Save the cardboard tube from paper towels, wrap each pair, or a single candle, in tissue paper, and  then slip the bundle into the cardboard tube. Label each of the tubes with the holiday, season, color and/or size. Glass jar candles can be slid into sock for protection.


Found at Martha Stewart.


Keep your bead garlands organized and under control by storing them in bottles. Slowly coil your beads into a plastic bottle and cap it. When you need them simply pull them out in a nice line, or, just pour them out. An average bottle should hold 1-2 strands of beads.


Found at Tip Junkie.


When storing, label everything! While you are packing up all of your holiday decorations keep an inventory of each container. After the box is full and closed up, label the outside of the container with exactly what is in it. Next time you need them you will save time, and disorganization, knowing exactly where everything is!


Found at Bob Vila.

When the holidays end, or the holidays begin, be ready to go with all of your organized decorations. Save time finding what you are looking for and things being untangled. Save money not wasting packing supplies or breaking things. Whether you are packing or unpacking, being organized is always best, especially when there is the holiday to enjoy!

Your turn! If you have any smart storage ideas for holiday decorations, let me know in the comments! I’d love to know what you’ve got!

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