Seed Starting Hacks Every Gardener Should Know!

Seed starting hacks every gardener should know and every gardener can use. When it comes to growing a garden, watching a seed grow is just as satisfying as eating fresh produce from the mature plants. Start this years gardening adventure with some DIY seed starting tricks that are quick and easy. Plus, usually seed starting supplies are only found in stores during spring. With these DIY projects you don’t need to wait until then, anytime of year you have all of the supplies you need to start seeds.

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Now, save money, save time and recycle, by using some genius seed starting hacks!

Lemon Rind Pot

Save and reuse your lemon rinds! If you remember, hollow out your lemon rinds, fill with soil and plant a few seeds. The best part, lemon rinds fit right on your widow sill ledge and is portable. Plus, you can plant the entire thing right in the ground when the seedling is big enough.

Source: Miracle Grow.

Eggshell Pots

Save then reuse both your old eggshells and empty egg cartons. And in 7 easy steps you can make yourself some free, all natural, decomposable, seed starting pots. See the steps at The Flying Couponer.

Toilet Paper Roll Pots

Save all of your old paper towel and toilet paper rolls, then make them into seed starting pots! You can even write the plant name right onto the cardboard, no need for labels. Once the seedling is big enough, plant the entire thing into ground and the cardboard will compost and degrade on it’s own.

Source: Burlap & Denim.

DIY Heat Mat

Use a strip of rope lights to make a water safe, outdoor heat mat. Just attach the string of lights to a plywood backer with lifts to keep the seed trays directly off of the lights. Then you can use the lights as a heater to warm the seedlings soil.

Image via Vegetable Gardener

Source: Vegetable Gardener.

DIY Greenhouse Tote

Start all of your seedlings inside a large, clear plastic container. The DIY greenhouse is portable, can be warmed up by applying a lid and protects small seedlings from strong winds. These DIY greenhouses can be used for all stages of seedlings and young plants, and are great for hardening off young plants.

Image via Five Gallon Ideas

Source Five Gallon Ideas.

Pre-Sprout Your Seeds

Reuse a plastic muffin tray and damp paper towels to pre-sprout your seeds before putting them in soil. This is the best way to conserve space, save time and eliminate thinning. Best for medium to large seeds.

Source Grow a Good Life.

DIY Soil Blocks

Save money and make your own soil blocks for staring seeds. All you need is a piece of PVC pipe and a homemade rod for compacting the soil and you are all set. See all of the details at The Prairie Homestead.

DIY Seed Tape

Stop buying all of that expensive store bought seed tape and make your own! With just some toilet paper, flour paste and seeds you can create time saving, money saving and garden organizing seed tape right at home. This will help to keep straight, uniform rows and also help to reduce thinning seedlings. Seed tape works for all kinds of vegetable but is awesome for lettuce, carrots and radishes.

Source: Pioneer Settler

DIY Seed Starting Mix

It is really easy to make your own seed starting mix at home. All you need is a recipe and some key soil requirements and you will have some healthy soil for all of our young plants. Get the recipe from Get Busy Gardening.

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Use all of these seed starting hacks to save you money, grow healthy seedlings and have fun with DIY projects. You don’t need to buy all of your supplies from the garden center every year. Just use some common household supplies, and some inspiration, for DIY seed starting hacks everyone can use, any time of year. Whether you homestead or grow a few vegetable plants, these seed starting hacks are for you!

Do you have any seed starting hacks for the garden? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you use!

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    1. thank you for your site! Not only inspirational but great ideas, especially loved the rope light warming set up. Thanks! Keep it up.

      1. I don’t have luck with terrA cotta. I do love recycling containers from the house for seed starting though. I especially love juice, soup and broth cartons for tomatoes because their so deep.

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