Amazing At-Home Dinner Date Entrees

It doesn’t take much to plan a romantic at-home dinner date. Make it romantic and serve food that tastes amazing. With so many awesome recipes, it is hard to find just the right one for your next romantic date. Choose unique, new recipes you wouldn’t usually cook at home, or, recreate a favorite restaurant meal. It is always fun to include cooking as part of the date for some extra time together. Whether you are planning a surprise dinner date, planning to cook together for date night this week, or it is Valentine’s Day, here are some easy, and delicious, recipes to try out!

Spicy Crab Bisque

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Spicy, flavorful, and fulfilling, this bisque to perfect for an at-home date night. Plus, it is totally filling enough for an entrée course! Serve it with a side of homemade cornbread, finish off the night with a light dessert, and you have the perfect cold weather date night! Get the recipe here.

Surf & Turf

Make it fancy, serve seared seas scallops and filet mignon! In a restaurant, surf and turf can be one of the most expensive items on the menu. When it comes to at-home cooking you can create the same classic dish, at a fraction of the cost, plus it tastes so much better! Surf and turf is a perfect dish for a romantic at-home dinner date and is so quick, you’ll be surprised you haven’t tried it yet. Get a recipe for two here.

Maple Roasted Chicken Quarters

Fulfilling and flavorful, this at-home dinner for two is good enough to be served in a 5-star restaurant, made right at home! Roast everything in the oven, in the same pot, for easy preparation and clean up. Don’t let the simple ingredients fool you, when combined they create flavorful, crave-worthy meal you can’t get in a restaurant! Get the recipe here.

Skillet Lasagna

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Feeling like lasagna, make it simple and quick! This is a one-pan skillet lasagna that has few steps, few ingredients, little leftovers and will keep dirty dishes to a minimum! But wait, it is still every comforting, tasty, thing you love about lasagna. Perfect for dinner for two! Add some garlic bread, a bottle of wine and a homemade Italian dessert and your at-home dinner date for two is complete! Get the recipe here.

Easy Pepper Steak

Delicious and really easy to make, this entrée will come together in 30 minutes! Plus, you can customize the recipe with your choice of vegetables or vary the ingredient amounts. For a fast, or surprise dinner date, get ready ahead of time by cutting the vegetables, and, slicing and marinating the beef. Then, you can put more time into setting the mood or preparing other dishes like dessert. Get the recipe here.

Beer Cheese Fondue

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Make this easy, delicious, dish together as part of the date, then sit down to a beautiful table and enjoy! Use your favorite fancy cheese, paired with a flavorful craft beer, and bang, you’ve got the cheese sauce. Then, choose your favorite dippers like roasted veggies, homemade bread or fruit, to create a dinner for two designed for sharing! Get the recipe here.

Try one of these tonight! Once you find out how delicious and easy it is to have an at-home dinner date you’ll plan one every chance you get. Set the mood, make some flavorful food (you wouldn’t normally make) and you have an at-home date that is great for your relationship, and your budget! Just think of all of the eclectic, new, and fancy (even 5-star) restaurant food you want to try then make it at home!

You turn! What is your favorite at-home dinner date for two recipe! Let me know in the comments! I’d love you here what you’ve served!

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