8 Space Saving Hacks for Packing Toiletries

Alright, we all like to travel with a lot of toiletries, we want to be ready for everything. Without some helpful tricks, packing toiletries can get messy and disorganized to the point it feels overwhelming. Whether you always forget something you need, carry an entire suitcase of cosmetics or just need some extra space, these DIY hacks will help! Did I mention, you don’t have to sacrifice any of your beloved, everyday, products?

These are DIY packing tips that you can use whether traveling to work, around the country or across the world!


8 packing tips guaranteed to lighten your load
Image: Jessie Beck, Packsmith, via blog.tortugabackpacks.com

Be minimal and modest. You can be ready for everything, from breakfast in bed to a night on the town, without traveling with your entire bathroom. When it comes to cosmetics and toiletries only carry the basics. Use a toiletry bag as your make up organizer, and storage, at home so you are always stocked, and ready, to pack it up and go!

Learn how at Packsmith.


Image: Mighty Girl, via mightygirl.com
Image: Mighty Girl, via mightygirl.com

Cut down on space, travel light and never get in trouble with TSA again ! Use upcycled straws to store your toiletries such as, toothpaste, moisturizer, hair care products, sunscreen and anything else you may need! Fill the straws with your own products in ‘single use’ size and pack enough for your trip! Never spend money on travel size again!

Get the DIY Single Use Toiletries tutorial from Mighty Girl!


8 packing tips guaranteed to lighten your load
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Keep your bag organized, lightweight and pretty with this DIY Bobby Pin Holder! The hair pins stay safely tucked away, easily dispense one at a time and are no longer lurking everywhere in your toiletry bag. It is so cute just use it daily then, when you are ready to go, pack it!

See the DIY Bobby Pin Holder at Lovely Indeed!


8 packing tips guaranteed to lighten your load
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Found at The Krazy Coupon Lady.

Store your liquid cosmetics in a contact lens case! It should be enough for 3-5 days of liquid foundation, concealer, or blush. You can either use both ports for the same product, or put different products in each, it depends on how much you need.


8 packing tips guaranteed to lighten your load

Found at Everyday with Rachael Ray.

Leave bulky, breakable, perfume and cologne bottles at home. Don’t worry you can bring all of your favorite scents with you, without the bottle! Just soak cotton balls or pads in your favorite scents, then store in sealable plastic bags (I use 3″ x 4″ jewelry bags from the craft store).  Whenever you need perfume, just pull out a pad and rub some on. It’s quick, easy and space saving. Added bonus, it makes you luggage smell fantastic, no more dryer sheets.


8 packing tips guaranteed to lighten your load
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Found at Refinery 29.

Keep your cosmetic brushes organized and clean by storing them in a plastic toothbrush container. The brushes keep their shape, stay together and don’t mess your toiletry bag with leftover make up. Save even more space, if there is room, toss your eyeliner in there too! Better yet, use another container to keep loose sticks of eye liner, eyebrow pencils and lip liner, contained and accessible.


8 packing tips guaranteed to lighten your load
Image: Kathleen Kamphausen, via cosmopolitan.com

Found at Cosmopolitan.

Use Press and Seal plastic wrap to store jewelry without it getting tangled, plus it takes up little to no space. If you organize your jewelry by day or outfit you don’t need to open the package all at once keeping things organized the whole time. Just take two pieces, lay the jewelry in between and press to seal closed, quick and easy!


8 packing tips guaranteed to lighten your load
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Found at I Heart Nap Time.

Plastic pill holders are great for all kinds of travel storage. Pill cases, of any shape and size, can store medication or vitamins you might need for you trip, safety pins or small elastics. You can also use it to store smaller jewelry such as rings, pins and earrings (put earring pairs on a button first to keep them paired up). Or, use one pill case for everything and save even more space!

Never sacrifice space, products, accessories or money, when it comes to packing toiletries again! If you, or someone you know, always over packs (like me), than any one, or more, of these DIY packing tips will work help! It’s such a hassle trying to figure out what, and how to pack, so why not keep things organized and easy with some of these awesome DIY packing hacks.

Your turn! If you have any space saving, packing tips for your toiletries, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

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