Organizing the Linen Closet for Real Life

It is time to start organizing the linen closet. Whether you have a closet or use a armoire, there is beauty in everything having a neat and organized space. The linen closet is not the biggest storage area of the house, but it is expected to store a variety of items. Bed lines, a selection of towels, first aid, extra toiletry supplies, toilet paper, and more, all have a home in the linen closet. With some inspiration, a plan, and storage solutions, your linen closet will fit everything you need it to and stay tidy.

Here are some brilliant solutions for organizing the linen closet to inspire you!

Plan Each Shelf

When it comes to organizing the linen closet, or any area of the home, it is good to have a plan. An easy way to do this is to map out each shelf individually. You can designate each shelf to your own preference but take into consideration frequency of use and ease of access. Put seasonal items, and things you don’t use often, towards the top. Store items used on a regular basis in the middle shelves like bathroom towels, and pharmacy products. The lower shelves can be used for cleaning supplies, and packages of toilet paper and paper towels.

Get more details at First Home Love Life.

Linen Closet Labels

When organizing the linen closet use cute labels to keep things in their place. You can make custom labels for large baskets, bins or any storage container you decide to use. Labels make finding things easy in a closet that holds a lot of different items and supplies. Plus, things are returned to where they belong when containers are labelled, rather than being stored just anywhere.

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Keep Your Sheet Sets Organized

Fold the entire sheet set, except one pillowcase, and then insert the entire folded set into the unfolded pillowcase. Now you have the entire set all together, and know based on the pillowcase the color or pattern of the sheets. Stack each sheet set in your linen closet according to the bed size or based on the room in which the sheet set is used. Another option, fold the entire sheet set into a cloth bundle tied with a bow, using a piece of cloth that matches the sheet set. Then store in the linen closet based on size or room.

Found at Martha Stewart.

The Easy Way to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Never wad, roll-up or attempt to fold a fitted sheet again! Instead, when you are organizing the linen closet, use this quick and easy way to fold fitted sheets and always have a beautiful linen closet. Even an organized linen closet can look messy with ill folded, fitted sheets but it is so easy learn. Here’s how…

See the whole explanation at Angela Says.

Towel, Hand Towel, and Wash Cloth Storage

Use file sorters to keep towels organized, and store hand towels and wash clothes. The file sorters can be put between each stack of towels, keeping them organized based on room, color or type. Then roll hand towels, and wash cloths, and store them inside the file sorters. Each individual file sorter can be used for specific groups of hand towels, and wash cloths, and coordinated with each stack of towels.

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How to Fold Towels

A perfectly folded towel saves space and keep things looking tidy. Whether you are hanging a towel in the bathroom, on the door of the linen closet, or storing it on a shelf, always fold it right! Folding a perfect towel, like they do in a hotel, is quick and easy- see how!Found at Bloglovin’

Contain the Chaos with Clear Container Storage

When organizing the linen closet, contain all of the chaos with clear container storage. Pull everything out of the linen closet, throw away outdated and unused items, and organize everything into different categories. Each container can be used for a different category- seasonal items, first aid, personal toiletries, extra supplies, pharmacy items, etc.

Find out how at Delineate your Dwelling.

Use Baskets and Bins for Larger Items

When organizing the linen closet, use baskets and bins to hid larger items, and things in varied colors, and keep a streamlined look. These baskets can be used to hold extra blankets, colorful beach towels, toilet paper, heating pads and dehumidifiers, or other items that can make a closet look cluttered. Organizing the linen closet is a great time to make it decorative so when the doors are left open it looks pretty (not stressful).

Found at Dear Lillie.

I hope this gives you inspiration, and some good ideas, for organizing the linen closet. It is wonderful when you open the linen closet and everything is where it needs to be!

Any tips or tricks for organizing the linen closet you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear about it!

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