Organize Your Refrigerator- The Simple, Stress Free, Way

Believe it or not there is a right way, and a wrong way, to organize your refrigerator. Regardless of the brand, model, or features; most refrigerators have temperature zones and built in visibility features designed for optimal use. But it doesn’t need to be hard, or stressful to organize your refrigerator, and keep it that way.

Here is a stress free way to organize your refrigerator and give it a simple makeover to keep it clean, organized and your food fresh, saving you time and money.


To organize your refrigerator, start with the door, this is the forgiving zone of the fridge because the door is the least stable area. The temperature change that occurs when the door opens doesn’t make it a suitable place for many items. Condiments, drinks (non-dairy), alcohol and butter are the best items to hold in the refrigerator door. These items are better able to handle the temperature changes without spoiling and can easily be seen and accessed on the door.


Make a shelf for everyone! Use a top or middle shelf that is easily accessible to everyone in the house. When you organize your fridge, make this zone where you keep healthy snacks and things you use often. Make sure all of your ready-to-eat food is wrapped or covered before being stored (pre-made lunches, snacks, yogurt, etc.). All of your clean, read-to-eat, vegetables, fruit and berries can also be stored on this shelf.


The most stable temperature shelves are found in the middle of your refrigerator. This is the best place to store milk and eggs. Make sure, while you organize your refrigerator, to place these items towards the middle or rear of the shelf to avoid any temperature changes that might occur. NEVER store milk or eggs in the door of your refrigerator.

Unclean, fruits and vegetables, you are storing should be held in the lower shelves of your fridge. Fruits and vegetables should be stored separately. If stored together your fruits and vegetables could prematurely ripen causing spoilage. Use two separate clear containers, or different middle drawers, for each- fruits and vegetables.

Designate a middle shelf of your fridge to left overs. Use clear storage containers to easily identify each item. Left overs should be used within 5 days of being stored. Discard all outdated left overs on a regular basis.


When you organize the refrigerator, remember, warm air rises and cold air sinks- even in your refrigerator. The bottom drawer is the coldest place in your refrigerator, making it the perfect place for raw meats. It is also an area where drips will not contaminate any food below. In most refrigerators the drawers can be removed allowing them to be cleaned easily.

Some refrigerators have a lower drawer or compartment. This lower drawer is where cheeses and cold cuts can be stored. If you don’t have a drawer you can use a clear container, on a lower shelf, to house cold cuts and cheese.

Get an organized and clean refrigerator without all of the stress! Rather than overthinking, use these simple tips and creating some zones, you will be on your way to keeping food fresher and your fridge cleaner than ever before!

Your turn! If you have some stress-free tips for organizing your refrigerator, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

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