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We could all use tips to help organize the living room. The living room tends to be a popular dumping ground for all family members. Most of the time items are used and then left. On a chair, table or couch, and not put back in their proper place. The living room can get disorganized, quickly! A lot of the time you may find yourself searching, and cleaning, rather than spending time doing something you enjoy.

When you keep your living room tidy and uncluttered, you’ll welcome people into your home more often, you are less likely to trip over things that are laying around, a tidy room can keep you at ease upon entry and, best of all, you get extra time to do something you love, rather than pick up the living room.

Here are tips to help keep your living room tidy and organized!


Image: Apartment Therapy, via
Image: Apartment Therapy, via

Take off your shoes, hats, gloves scarves and put them where they belong, before you go into the living room and get comfortable. Take the items, the minute you get home and put them away! That includes purses, keys, wallets and bags. Keep a designated area for all of these things, outside of the living room, like an entry way or closet.

Advice from Apartment Therapy.


Image: The Good Stuff, via

Save space, decrease clutter, organize your media and keep your living room looking beautiful. Get rid of the bulky containers that contain your CD’s, DVD’s and video games, and keep them all organized and stored in a DIY storage box. This DIY project is fun, easy and economical. Plus, you can design the exterior of the box to fit your décor and personalize the inside for your needs.

Learn how to build the storage box at The Good Stuff.



Use colorful tape to help keep cords organized and easy to identify. In the living room electronics pile up and the cords become a tangled, confusing mess. By using colorful tape you can assign each cord a color, apply it to the wire and/or plug and never guess whether you are unplugging the TV, lamp or internet again!

Be frugal: Use a unique color, only apply tape to each end: at the plug end and where it connects to the device.

Added bonus: Make exposed cords more attractive or match your décor, and for multiples, make them personalized!

Get a tutorial for applying colorful tape from A Beach Cottage.



A remote control, one or multiple, laying around the living room leads them to be in the way or get lost and are definitely not pretty! No matter where you stash remote controls they are awkward, disorganized and not attractive. Instead, store them away in a DIY Book Box! This box can be kept centrally located, looks natural, can be sized to fit your needs and your décor!

Make a DIY Book Box with the tutorial from Country Living.


Image: Apartment Therapy, via
Image: Apartment Therapy, via

This is awesome! Use an old coiled phone cord to organize all of your cords! Just pick one up at a dollar store, flea market, yard sale or thrift shop. Not only is this reusing and upcycling it is controlling clutter! Once all of the cords in your living room are labelled, organize them, gather them up and contain them! Not having that messy pile of wires behind the TV, or stereo, makes it easy to keep things neat, clean and organized!

See how at Apartment Therapy.


Image: That's My Letter, via
Image: That’s My Letter, via

Keeping one throw blanket in the living room is decorative, more, and it starts to look cluttered. Unless you have an amazing way of displaying your extra blankets as part of the décor, store them. Storing them not only keeps them clean, they are organized until they are needed! You can use a basket, trunk, or, better yet, use an ottoman with storage for the blankets and get an extra table, or seating space, included!

Get the DIY tutorial, for the storage ottoman by That’s my Letter, at Pretty Handy Girl.



Give each person in the house a personal storage space. This is a place in the living room individuals can store things, drop personal items, or, when things are left behind, store it here until it is moved back to where it belongs. This way, anything that comes into the room (phone cords, art supplies, toys, books, games) already has a place, keeping things neat and organized. Use small to medium sized baskets, boxes, or any storage container you’d like, and designate one for each person.



Keep your magazines organized, controlled and out of sight, by stowing them in crates, baskets or other decorative storage. Having a defined space helps to limit your magazine collection to your favorite and most up to date issues. You can even have different storage containers for different categories (garden, craft, beauty) keeping them hidden but on hand and easily accessible.

Learn how to de-clutter your magazine collection at The Crowned Goat.



You can use the styling of your open shelving to help you stay, and look, organized. On open shelving, create a mix that is one-thirds books, one-third decorative storage boxes and one-third knickknacks. Be sure to leave plenty of empty space so your treasures are easily visible. Storage boxes on open shelving should contain things that you may need occasionally (manuals, random craft supplies), but nothing you would want laying around causing clutter.

When using storage boxes remember, everything needs to have a home! Each box should contain like items and each basket or box should have a purpose that makes sense to you. Don’t just stash and hide random clutter!



Surfaces are not storage areas! If you have a coffee table use the space to control the clutter, not add to it. Reassess this area of the living room, you should be able to organize and store all of the items that usually land (and stay) on the coffee table. Stash papers, books, brochures and magazines that tend to accumulate on the flat surfaces in the living room in designated areas (sort and purg as necessary) right in the table. A few curated storage pieces are all you need to keep the clutter under control and things organized!

If your coffee table doesn’t have a built in storage area add low storage cubes, rolling baskets or bins to put under the table.

Learn how to de-clutter your coffee table at From Overwhelmed to Organized.

Take time and take back your living room! With these organizing hacks you will have a tidy organized, clutter free living room to enjoy, not stress over. And without the daily mess you have time to focus on the things you love!

Your turn! If you have any living room organization tricks, tips or hacks, leave them in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

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