Inspiring Ideas for a Girl Boss’s Desk and Home Office

Now that I am running two businesses. I really need a home office to get work done efficiently and store all of my paper work and other business things. Time to start thinking about what I need from a home office and what I want the girl boss’s desk to look like.

When it comes to working from home, it is important to have a defined space or office in which to work. Going to your office, whether it is a whole room, a desk or a converted closet- it is your space. Having this space helps to keep your work organized, and define your work time from your personal time.

For me, I need an uncluttered space, with natural light, where I can display lots of inspiration and get work done. I love using freebees, flea market, thrift store and DIY projects to design, style and furnish my home. My new work space is no different. In shades of white, pink, silver and teal, I hope my home office will be the perfect place to be productive, get creative and rock it as a girl boss.

I have the perfect spot picked out, and some furniture I got for free, but I need a little inspiration. So, here are the organized, functional and dazzling office spaces that I found to do just that!

Source The Cow Spot


Source Career Girl Daily Photo Caitlin Wilson
Source Casa Chaucha
Source The 36th Avenue
Source homedit
Image by: Style at Home     By: Sara Cation   Source: Kim Christie
Source The Every Girl
Source The Fashionista’s Diary
Source Because It’s Awesome
Source A Little Birdy
Source Décor 8
Source: All Things Pretty
Source Fjeldborg
Source The Fashionista’s Diary

I sure wouldn’t mind working in any one of these offices! Hopefully, my home office will be just as beautiful (and functional) as these perfectly styled desks and work spaces.

I had a hard time choosing just one. Did you see a home office that inspired you?

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