How I Make Extra Money From Home Doing Something I Love!

When I started blogging, I was looking for extra income. I wanted to start saving money, paying down my student loans, begin investing in my future and living the life I have always dreamed. I was searching Pinterest daily for alternative incomes, and side hustles, to earn extra money. And blogging kept coming to my attention.

I already had a career I loved,  but I was still looking for another income (millionaires have 5-7 income streams). I was already my own boss and I wanted the same freedom with my second ‘job’. I still wanted to be my own boss and make my own hours, and still have a second income on top of my already fulfilling career. Blogging seemed perfect! Plus, I started seeing posts from some of my favorite bloggers, income reports on how they made “$100,000 Last Month Blogging!” and I thought, I could do that. I’ve got talent, guts and hustle! And who doesn’t want to retire with an extra $100,000, or more, in their retirement and investment accounts?

As I began looking for how to start a successful blog business, I found vague, and not very helpful, information and suggestions on how to start a blog. It took me hours of research, and patience, to learn how to DIY a blog, not even a business. But, after a while I had found a ton of great information to help me reach my blogging (and second career) goals.

I want you to reach your goals too! So, here is some of the best information I found. I used all of this information for starting my own blog. I am not making $100,000 (YET) but everyday my blog, and my second income, grows and it can only get better!

Plus, I absolutely love blogging and what could get better than that!

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How to Make Money

I knew that blogging was a big thing. I had no idea how anyone could make income off of it, how writing and posting content could make someone money. Then the research started. I was blown away. People, writing about all different subjects, were making thousands of dollars per month in all different ways. When I looked into it even more, it only made sense that it is a great business to learn about and start ASAP.

Since, I am new to blogging, I chose to implement the two most basic things that bloggers commonly use to bring in income, ads and affiliate marketing.

These are two sources that I am using for now. Here is how I do it!


Pinterest is awesome! It is a virtual search engine, vision board and scrapbook, all rolled into one. It is the perfect search engine to organically reach your perfect audience. And once your information, or your blog is out there, and getting pinned, it can snowball into consistent followers. It is an amazing way to market and promote your blog business- for free!

Group Boards

Apply to get accepted into as many group boards as you can. This is the really important part! Group boards are boards that are created by an ‘owner’ who then invites others to pin along with them. Here is the good stuff: Let’s say you get invited to a group board and the owner has over 100k followers. Now any content that you post on that group board will have a potential audience of 100k followers. This is the #1 best way to grow organic traffic to your blog for free!

How do you find group boards? Two ways. First, you can go onto some of your favorite blogger’s Pinterest accounts and see what group boards they contribute to, find the owner and contact them. Or two, use PinGroupie to find high performing boards in your niche that have a large following and high re-pin rate. You shouldn’t be intimidated by how big of a following someone has or how exclusive the boards contributors are, we all started somewhere.

Once you have found the boards you want to join, email the board owner, if there’s an email provided. If there is no email provided in the description, go to their blog and contact them from there. If that is not an option, message them on Pinterest or comment on one of their most recent pins and ask to join. No matter how you contact the boards owner make sure you write a very polite message that makes you stand out. I found including the URL to my Pinterest account really helps to make the invite process simpler!

As a new blogger on Pinterest, with a small following, ask to be a apart of as many group boards as you can. Yes, you may be denied many times. But you can also be accepted to just as many. Even a new, smaller blog can get onto huge group boards with a huge following.

Being small shouldn’t affect your reach and impressions- or your goals!

“Pin”teresting Photos

For those of you who don’t know how to use Photoshop , or you don’t want to spend the money, then check out PicMonkey. It’s an easy to use online picture editing site. There is a free version, or, you can upgrade for $4.99 a month or $33 a year. No matter what editor you use, make sure your photos are perfect for Pinterest. They should be long and the pixels should be around 1000 x 1500. Square or horizontal photos on Pinterest turn out small and aren’t seen as well. Choose photos that have warm colors, without faces, pins without faces get more repins.

Not great at photography? Here are some of the sources I use to find free public domain photos. These are photos that anyone can use without getting sued. That might be a bit dramatic but it could happen. A few favorites are Unsplash, Pexels, Life of Pix, and

Whether you choose a different image, or just change the title, make multiple pins. I make at least 3 pins per post and sometimes 5.  Here’s the great part about making multiple pins, if one goes viral any other pin that’s linked to that post ends up doing really well too. Not only that, you will never know what pin will perform well. Better to test many then to have a post go flat and not get any views at all.

Help People Out

Curate and write your content to help people or provide information. They are not just following you to hear about the arbitrary parts of your day. Everything you post should help your audience in some way (just like it has helped or affected you). Whether it is a tutorial, advice, a personal lesson you learned or anything that could help their life, goals or problems, right now. Think of your content as advice you are giving someone that they can use instantly.

The more common the problem, the better. And a problem many people want solved NOW is the best. Think instant gratification. They want to use it now, not sometime in the future. You don’t always need to write content that solves other people’s problems. But, don’t need to waste time promoting that content on Pinterest, it doesn’t preform as well and tips, tricks, hacks and advice. Instead, put your very helpful content on Pinterest. That amazing helpful content will bring them to the rest of your great content.

People Love Lists

Provide your readers with curated posts. These are a great way to get eyes on your site. A curated post brings together all of the amazing content of other bloggers that you have used, plan to use, or found, so you can show it to your readers. Make sure to reference the bloggers and the work they’ve done (that’s the point). Now you have a great post that helps your readers find “10 Amazing Houseplants to Clean the Air” or “9 Genius Recipes for Dinner Tonight” and more content they’ll love.


Before launching Dory Fitz, I worked hard. I did hours (and hours) of research, wrote loads of emails to get invited to group boards, wrote 25-40 blog posts, and then I did a lot more research. Blogging wasn’t something I just happened to start and somehow got viewers and income. This took months. No success comes without talent, hustle and guts.

I hope this post helps you out in your path so when you start your own blog, or if you’ve already started, things go easier.

Want to be a blogger? Here are some of my favorite resources that made a ton of difference and made this thing called blogging a reality…

Use my FREE step-by-step guide to start a blog- even if you are not the great with computers!

When it came to research there were a few life changing things that I found.

Purchase “How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul” it will make a huge difference as you plan your business and launch your blog. I highly recommend it.

Change your life and sign up for Elite Blog Academy. This course will completely take your blog business to the next level and change your life. The Elite Blog Academy course is only open to new members once a year but you can find out more about it here. Or, if you are serious about starting a blog, and business, sign up for the waiting list and they will email you updates.

The Elite Blog Academy is expensive, but is an investment in yourself, your blog and your business. You are going to want to have a foundation in blogging when you start the course so take the time to start your blog before it opens. You can start a blog today for just $3.95/month.

What are you going to blog about? Let me know in the comments!

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More about Katelyn

Katelyn was inspired to create Dory Fitz when she realized she wanted to improve her life, and to help others improve their lives along the way. Taught by her grandmother that in all aspects of life, you need to embraced change, follow your passions, and live the life you want, no one will do it for you. Dory Fitz was created to help me, and you, do just that.

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