How I Make a Second Income with Pinterest and You Can Too!

Pinterest is the best! It is a virtual search engine, vision board and scrapbook, all rolled into one. If you like a photo, pin it. Want to refer back to that tutorial, pin it. Planning to make that recipe for dinner, pin it. Want DIY anything, pin it! Want to learn how to start a side hustle, pin it. Anything, and everything, you love from across the internet can be stored on Pinterest. Plus, you can refer back to the information anytime, search for similar content and it share it with your friends, all in one place.

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could work for Pinterest and pin all day? Then you could just spend all day finding awesome content and pinning all of the awesome things you find on the internet to your boards and sharing it with others. Too bad that’s not a thing!

Flash forward a year, and all that pinning inspired me to transform my life. I used all of my favorite pins and learned how to start paying off student loan debt, investing in my future, inspiring me to go after the life of my dreams and so much more!

I learned how to use Pinterest to support my goals. I had made a visual display of my dreams and aspirations that I was able to check daily. And all of that information was incredibly motivating. I had a constant stream of tips and tricks for the life I wanted-  from experts that were just like me. Pinterest allowed me to keep my goals constantly in the forefront of my mind.

Then, all of the sudden, I realized that almost all of the pins I loved and saved to my boards, were from someone just like me. All of those experts on Pinterest are bloggers!

So, what is a blogger? A blogger is a person that starts their own website and publishes content to it. And anyone can do it. They have researched a topic, or are writing from experience, and publishing it to help others. Then the blogger, or the people that follow them, pin it on Pinterest and share the information with others.

Blogging is a unique business. There is not a traditional template or ‘way to do it’. A blog can be huge with millions of followers and maintain a website that rivals a global corporation. While other blogs are small and operate as a side job, or are run as just a hobby.

I was addicted.  I wanted  to start a blog!  Once that was decided I spent weeks researching Pinterest on “How To Start a Blog”. I had so many ideas and no way to implement them. I was especially interested in what it took to create a successful blog that I could turn into a business. A business that could help me to generate a second income for retirement and investing, and help me live the life I have always dreamed.

Here is the quick version of what I learned and how I implemented my plan!

Write Content.

If you are serious about blogging as a business, or as a fulltime job, you have to plan ahead. Before you launch your blog, plan and write 25-50 blog posts. Now, when your blog is ready to launch you have lots of great content for everyone to start reading, loving and pinning! Also, the more content on your new blog the more likely Google will accept your application for AdSense when you have launched.

Get Hosting.

Launch a blog with Bluehost. They are the most highly recommended hosting site and it’s only $3.95 a month to start your blog. Once you have a host you can install WordPress (this is the writing platform you will publish your content from) with the one button install. After you install WordPress you can pick a free themes, or find a theme that works for your budget and get your blog up and running.

If you want to start a blog, you should! Check out How to Start a Blog Without Computer Skills

Apply to Google.

Sign up for Google AdSense. This allows Google to display ads on your site. This is how you’ll make the main portion of your income. How does it work? Google pays you a commission based on the number of people that see your ads, pretty easy right? It can take 3 days, to a couple of weeks, to be approved by Google, just be patient. Keep up the hustle.

Get on Pinterest

Sign up for a Pinterest Business Account. It’s free and allows you to connect your website to Pinterest. Don’t worry, it isn’t complicated and Pinterest will walk you through it. Now that you’ve connected your blog, you’ll be able to access your Pinterest analytics.  Here you can see how many views and clicks your blog is getting. A business account also allows you to turn your pins into rich pins. What’s that? Well, on Pinterest, some pins have a title beneath in bold, that’s considered a rich pin. Rich pins help your ranking on Pinterest because Pinterest will start to see you as an influencer and put you in front of more people. Plus, it’s more attractive to pinners.


Now create a few killer boards and fill them with some great content! Create boards that have mass appeal and are popular on Pinterest- food, DIY, money, home décor, organizing or cleaning. Be sure to include a few boards that relate to your blog topic or niche. Don’t do anything crazy or too niched, that could get you into trouble.

Now apply to get accepted into group boards. Group boards are boards that are created by an ‘owner’ who then invites others to pin along with them. Let’s say you get invited to a group board and the owner has over 100k followers. Now any content that you post on that group board will have a potential audience of 100k followers. Wicked awesome!

Find Group Boards…

So, how do you find group boards? Two ways. First, you can go onto some of your favorite blogger’s Pinterest accounts and see what group boards they contribute to, find the owner and contact them. Or two, use PinGroupie to find high performing boards in your niche that have a large following and high re-pin rate. You shouldn’t be intimidated by how big of a following someone has or how exclusive the boards contributors are, we all started somewhere.

As a new blogger on Pinterest, with a small following, ask to be a apart of as many group boards as you can. Yes, you may be denied many times. But you can also be accepted to just as many. Even a new, smaller blog can get onto huge group boards with a huge following.

If you never take the chance, you will never expand your reach.

Once you have found the board you want to join, email the board owner, if there’s an email provided. If there is no email provided in the description, go to their blog and contact them from there. If that is not an option, message them on Pinterest or comment on one of their most recent pins and ask to join. No matter how you contact the boards owner make sure you write a very polite message that makes you stand out. I found including the URL to my Pinterest account really helps to make the invite process simpler!

Didn’t hear back from a board owner? Try contacting them again! I have been accepted to multiple boards by sending a second message. Sometimes the message just gets overlooked or lost.

Now start pinning!

Pin. Pin. Pin. Pin your content, but also pin other people’s content, onto your boards and your group boards (if you want). It doesn’t matter if you pin everyday, pin every other day, or pin a few times a week. Just pin. Pin things your followers will love that have a high repin rate. Pinterest doesn’t like it if you just pin your own content they want you to be sharing all kinds of great stuff. And as long as you pin high quality content or pins with lot of repins, Pinterest will give you a higher repin rate for your own personal pins. Pretty cool!

Schedule and Loop Your Pins


Tailwind changed everything. I use Tailwind to schedule Pinterest pins automatically as a post is published. Tailwind automatically pins anything you want, on your schedule. On Pinterest this is important, it will make it appear you are on your account, even if you don’t have time. Tailwind also allows you to schedule your pins for an optimized time for your followers, getting your pins in front of your audience when they are on Pinterest. I use Tailwind for scheduling my own blog’s pins to group boards. I can even create an interval between pins to keep the content repining on a set interval- days, weeks or months apart. This schedule keeps evergreen content fresh on my boards and in front of new, or returning, followers.


I use, and love, BoardBooster for looping old content to the top of my boards. Looping is a great tool for group boards you own and your most followed boards. It takes old content you posted a while ago and brings it into your followers feeds again. This is not only great for content from your blog but also content from others. Keep giving your followers pins they are going to love! Try a BoardBooster FREE trial here!

Make Money

I highly recommend buying a copy of  “How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul” it will make a huge difference as you plan your business and launch your blog. Make this short, and informative, book your blogging bible!

The goal is to make just enough money to afford Elite Blog Academy. This life changing course will teach you how blogging can make a full time income. It is only open for a short time each year but it will give you all of the tools you need to live the life of your dreams.

Just in case you don’t have perfect timing, sign up for the waiting list here. Plus, you can get all of the updates you need about the course.

Many, many, people have had success with Elite Blog Academy. This amazing course, combined with your talent, hustle and guts will change your entire life.

I have an amazing career outside of blogging. But, without a doubt, blogging is a great job that is like no other! If you like to write, love to teach, share ideas, have expertise in something that people need help in, or if you love Pinterest, then blogging might be something you’ll love to do as a full time job.

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