9 Ways to Get Outside and Get Things Done this Autumn

Make your life a little bit easier next spring. Use these 9 easy chores to get things done thing fall. Clean, organize, and ready yourself for the changing seasons. Autumn is the perfect time, and weather, to get outside!

Enjoy some fresh air while getting your yard and garden ready for spring planting, winter weather and migrating wildlife, or, cleaning, and organizing, your tools and equipment for the coming weather! As the days turn darker, and colder, turn to indoor chores, such as changing out your seasonal clothes and bedding.

Think of your autumn to-do list as an early start to your spring cleaning. If spring cleaning is focused on the interior of your house, fall clean-up is dedicated to cleaning and organizing your outdoor space- plus some other stuff. So before winter sets in, here’s what you need to do this fall.

Garden Care

Autumn is the perfect time to clean, feed, and organize your garden. Not only is garden production slowing down, but there are still warm, sunny days to appreciate before winter takes hold. Here are some of the outdoor chores that can be done to get you out and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

Check out : 5 plants to care for before winter for some fall gardening advice!

Feed all of your garden beds and potted plants. Wrap your shrubs and bushes in burlap to protect them from the elements. Mulch perennial flower beds and overwintering vegetable beds. Cut dahlias from the garden for flower arrangements. Move all of your tropical, citrus, succulent, and other overwintering pots to a greenhouse or indoors. Clean terra cotta pottery, and planters, and store indoors. Clean and store summer garden supplies (tomato cages, trellises, etc.).

Leaves! Leaves! Leaves! Keep on raking and adding shredded leaves to the compost pile (save and press some for crafts). Clean up garden beds- cut back perennials; dig and divide hostas; remove any flower, herb, or vegetable plants that are browning, done flowering or those whose fruit production has slowed. Harvest winter squash and pumpkins. Harvest end of season eggplant, tomato and peppers. Plant garlic. Plant tulips, daffodils and other over wintering bulbs.

Clean and Fill Bird Feeders

Autumn is the most important season to keep your feeders cleaned and well stocked. During the fall migration hundreds of birds, of all different species- woodpeckers, cardinals and finches, are foraging for food every day. To attract a number of different species use different seed and mixtures (black-seeded sunflower, cracked corn, and millet to attract ground feeders and niger seed to attract finches and buntings).

To clean out your bird feeder: empty the birdfeeder; remove any moldy, or bad, seed and debris; wash with warm, soapy water, rinse and dry; refill with fresh bird seed.

Seasonal Switch-Out

Clean and store your summer clothes. Discard any soiled or unfixable items, donate what you don’t need or use, organize what you plan to keep, mend any clothing that needs fixing, and make a list of what you may need for the following spring/summer.

Take your fall/winter clothes out of storage. Inventory what was stored, make or update a list of the items you need to get.

Take your winter bedding out of storage; then clean and store your summer bedding for next spring.

Clean, pack up and store (or secure) your outdoor and patio furniture.

Store clean cushions, umbrellas, awnings or other cloth elements inside. Extreme moisture, wind and temperatures can damage even weather-resistant fabric. Glass and wooden furniture can be stored outside when covered, be sure to store in a safe, secure location. Plastic or resin furniture should be wiped down thoroughly and stored indoors; freezing temperatures can cause plastic to become brittle and crack. Clean all wicker furniture, with a vacuum or soft-bristled brush, cover, and store indoors.

Clean and organize your outdoor storage.

Just think, no digging through the garden hoses just find a broken shovel when snow hits. If you are clean and organized you have already stored the hose, replaced the broken shovel and it is right where you need it when snow starts falling.

Cleaning and reorganizing now, whether it is a shed or garage, will pay off later. Throw away any broken or unusable items, donate what you don’t need, organize what you plan to keep and make a list of what you may need for the upcoming season or year. Tuck all of your summer gear towards that back, and store winter gear and equipment towards the front so it is easily accessible. Even if your seasonal storage is a small place, like a closet, it could still use a seasonal swap-out to get ready for the coming season.

Clean-up Hoses

Remove all of your garden hoses from the spigots. Check that each hose is sound- discard broken or damaged hoses. Drain all of the remaining hoses, coil each of them and store them indoors. Drain each spigots interior pipe and shut off the valve. (Make sure you no longer need the hose before packing it up for the season.)

Fireplace Safety

If you have, and use, a fire place this is the season to have it cleaned. Contact a local chimney sweep to check for build-up, bird or animal nests or cracks in the flue- all can cause chimney fires.

Reseed your lawn.

Autumn is the season in which grass flourishes. Fall is a great time to reseed your lawn. First, rake away all of the fallen leaves and debris, then top-dress the area with a layer of fresh soil before sprinkling the seeds.

Clean your Gutters

If you can, carefully climb a ladder and scoop out leaves with your gloved hand or a garden trowel. Once the large debris has been removed rinse the gutter and drainpipe with a garden hose. Uncleaned gutters can clog, causing water to build up, leading to leaky roofs and moldy exterior walls.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and get things done this fall! It doesn’t take much work to organize, and ready yourself for the changing seasons. With a plan and some simple tips it will take no time to get all of your fall clean up done before winter!

Your turn! If you have any tips for getting things done outside in autumn, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

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