The Best Free Tools for Bloggers

If you are thinking of starting a blog, or already have one but love learning something new, I have some great free resources for you.

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Don’t have a blog yet? No problem, head over to my post, How to Start a Blog Without Computer Skills and see how easy (and cheap) it is to start one today. Seriously, it is the cheapest start-up business you will find.

Owning a business I already loved, I was looking for a creative, and flexible, way to own another business and make a second income. Dory Fitz has not only allowed me to do just that, it has taught me new, diverse skills and valuable business ideas, I can now apply to my other, completely different, brick and mortar business. I honestly get jazzed every time I talk about it! If you have a business, or career, you love and are just looking to diversify your income, blogging might be perfect for you.

I’ll be honest, blogging is work, but it is rewarding, fun, and worth every minute.

Whether you already have a blog, or are thinking about starting one, I recommend checking out all of these resources. When I was first starting out these were handy tools to have!

Blog Structure Blueprint– Use this free blueprint to create an organized blog for your readers.

Free E-book to Boost Blog Income– Learn some insightful, and easy, ideas for increasing your blog income in this free E-Book.

Goal Setting Workbook– I love this workbook. It helps you clarify your purpose and prioritize what’s important when it comes to your blog. You will learn how to work smarter, not harder and take back your time.

I hope you love these freebies for your blog!

Want to start a blog? Here is how I started out…

I highly recommend buying a copy of  “How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul” it will make a huge difference as you plan your business and launch your blog. Make this short, and informative, book your blogging bible!

The goal is to make just enough money to afford Elite Blog Academy. This life changing course will teach you how blogging can make a full time income. It is only open for a short time each year but it will give you all of the tools you need to live the life of your dreams.

Just in case you don’t have perfect timing, sign up for the waiting list here. Plus, you can get all of the updates you need about the course.

Many, many, people have had success with Elite Blog Academy. This amazing course, combined with your talent, hustle and confidence will change your entire life.

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Katelyn was inspired to create Dory Fitz when she realized she wanted to improve her life, and to help others improve their lives along the way. Taught by her grandmother that in all aspects of life, you need to embraced change, follow your passions, and live the life you want, no one will do it for you. Dory Fitz was created to help me, and you, do just that.

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