The Best Dollar Store Bedroom Organization Hacks!

The dollar store is an amazing place, full of possibilities, when it comes to designing and organizing your home! Especially bedroom organization. It is the best place to find awesome materials, and inspiration, for all of your DIY projects while saving money. There is no reason to spend lots of money to style your home and keep well organized.

Keep your bedroom beautiful and tidy with these Dollar Store bedroom organizing tricks I found! With some simple DIY projects, inexpensive Dollar Store finds become bedroom décor and awesome organizing solutions. These are some of my favorites for you to check out, if you find one you like, head to the bottom to find the tutorials!

Hanging Hamper

Found from Making Nice in the Midwest, source below.

Design and use this simple and elegant hanging hamper! Perfect to keep laundry off the floor and free up floor space in the bedroom! Upcycle a laundry bag, or pillowcase, with an embroidery loop and some ribbon for this awesome hanging storage solution!

Hat Organizer

Found from House Dressing Style, source below.

Organize and display all of your baseball caps! This is the perfect way to keep all of your hats ready to use, in the perfect shape, and tidy. A great way to keep hats to a favorite, can’t live without, collection rather than a hoarding situation!

Under the Bed Storage

Found from Little House of Flour, source below.

Use these cute, customizable, dollar store bins for under the bed storage! Paint them any color, add a handle and you are ready to organize all of the junk that has been stuffed under the bed! These are perfect for storing a set of extra bed linens, handbags, shoes or exercise gear!


Found from Love Grows Wild, source below.

Use them for a bookshelf or on your side table. They are sturdy and work great for a few, or a lot, of books. Plus, these dollar store bookends are simple and fun to make. Feel free to design and paint them how ever you would like!

Scarf Organizer

Found from From the Desk, source below.

Organize your collection of cold and warm weather scarves with this quick and easy organizer! Hang them on the back of a door, in the closet or on a wall for easy access! Create seasonal hangers that can be stored in the closet in the off season and displayed for use during the season. All you need is a nice hanger, shower curtain hangers and your scarf collection!

Breakfast in Bed Tray

Found from Cutefetti, source below.

Create a tray for the bedroom! Use it to serve breakfast in bed, as a decorative tray for your bedside table or a place to hold your jewelry. All you need a is a picture frame or mirror, and a placemat. If you want, you can even add handles or knobs to your new tray, but it is up to you!

Tidy Tights

Found from Lana Red Studio, source below.

Keep your leggings, tights, stockings and pantyhose organized and easy to access by hanging them with dollar store clothes pins. Easily create this display anywhere, on a hanger, the closet wall or the back of a door, get creative! Don’t let your tights get bundled on the floor, or in a bag, or end up stuffed in a drawer, use clothes pins to keep them clean and tidy!

Storage Basket

Found from Lydi Out Loud, source below.

Keep dirty laundry or clutter off of the bedroom floor with this cute DIY Rope Basket! Not only is it super useful, it can be designed to compliment your décor and bring a stylish charm to the room.

DIY Tissue Holders

Found from Landeelu, source below.

Get rid of those ugly cardboard box tissue holders from your bedroom. Then, replace them with these stylish DIY Mason jar tissue holders. They are also small, so they only need a small home in your bedroom, saving you space!

Jewelry Display

Found from Adorable Antics, source below.

Save space and add a decorative touch to your bedroom with this cute jewelry display. Customize the wall hanging for your own jewelry collection and even paint it or design it to fit your bedroom décor! Keeps everything tidy and within reach!

When your home gets messy, or you get the organizing itch, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, go to the Dollar Store. There are so many Dollar Store DIY projects that are within anyone’s budget. When it comes to organizing your bedroom you don’t need designer baskets or specialty hangers, when you can have the same thing at dollar store prices!

Your turn! Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear any Dollar Store bedroom organizing tricks you use!


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