Great DIY Shower Curtain Projects for Any Skill Level

DIY shower curtain to the rescue! It doesn’t matter if you need a new one, or are looking for something different, these tutorials will inspire you. With a simple project you can give your bathroom a makeover and add your own custom touch. You choose: either make a brand new shower curtain, from scratch, or add a little extra pizazz to an existing shower curtain. Either way, you will love the results.

Here are some awesome tutorials for you to make your own DIY shower curtains!

Longer, Pleated Curtain

Make your shower curtain longer and add a pleated accent! With some basic sewing you can customize any fabric shower curtain for your bathroom. See the tutorial at Addicted to Decorating.

Custom Curtain

Jazz up your shower curtain a bit with trim and some custom accents. Add as much, or as little, as you’d like to your custom shower curtain. Just make sure the curtain accents the color scheme and design of your bathroom. Get the tutorial from Girl in the Garage.

Polka Dot Curtain

Turn a clear plastic shower curtain into a customized statement. Cut out your own stencil(s), pick the perfect paint color and paint yourself a shower curtain. Plus, you can customize the print however you would like! Find the tutorial at Runway Chef.Chevron Print Curtain

Paint yourself a beautiful chevron patterned shower curtain. Make, or buy, a cloth shower curtain and apply your chosen chevron pattern in a color you love. Check out the tutorial at The Good, The Bad, and The Truth.

Grain Sack Curtain

Create a beautiful farmhouse styled shower curtain. With a stencil and some paint, a painters drop cloth can become a one of a kind shower curtain. This curtain is a little more complicated and time intensive but you get to make a DIY projector (so cool!). Find the tutorial at The Cozy Old Farmhouse.

Framing Curtains

Create a custom shower curtain that frames your bath or shower, for a different take on bathroom décor. You can either make the entire curtain from scratch. Or, with some simple cutting and sewing, you can make an existing shower curtain into two panels. See how to do it from scratch at The Harpster Home.

Image via The Harpster Home

From Flat Sheet to Shower Curtain

Simple and feminine, this DIY shower curtain is super easy to make (if you can sew a straight line). Completely customizable from additions to color! All you need is a flat sheet, a sewing machine and a plan, and you can have a chic, one-of-a-kind shower curtain that costs you next to nothing. See the tutorial at Hey, Let’s Make Stuff.

Patterned Curtain

Create a beautiful, and custom, patterned shower curtain. Choice a stencil of your choice and apply it to any shower curtain using paint and a roller. You can apply this design to a DIY flat sheet shower, plastic curtain or DIY drop cloth curtain. See how to make it from a drop cloth at Jenna Burger Design.

Striped Shower Curtain

You look at your shower curtain, a lot, why not make it beautiful! Sew this great striped shower curtain in any color you want. Or, get inspired to just add a few accent strips to another curtain, the choice is yours. Can’t sew, you can get the same effect by painting the lines on an already made curtain. See the tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous.

Now that you know how easy making your own DIY shower curtain can be, pick your favorite and go for it! It doesn’t take much to give your bathroom useful, custom décor, pick a design that you are comfortable with. Don’t sew yourself a shower curtain if you don’t sew! DIY projects should be fun, and frugal, not stressful.

Have you made a DIY shower curtain for our bathroom? Tell me about it in the comments! I’d love to hear about it.

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