DIY Natural Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

Natural health and home remedies are so awesome! When you go to a store and buy all natural, organic beauty products you can spend an arm and a leg. Not only that, most products come in a single size with an expiration date, and if you don’t use all of it you just end up throwing away money. It is much better to use a natural remedy, or make your own natural products in a custom size, whenever you need it. Plus, all of the ingredients are natural, commonly used and probably found in your pantry right now!

When it comes to beauty it can be liberating putting down the professional stuff and doing it yourself. Get gorgeous! Use these amazing natural beauty graphs I found to help make you a natural beauty genius (well, kind of) and get rid of harsh chemicals.

10 Essential Ingredients for DIY Beauty

Stock your beauty pantry with these must have ingredients and make all of your beauty products right at home! Use some of these products alone, or combine a few, to create natural products perfect for your beauty routine. You don’t need to break the bank to be beautiful and live a natural life, just use what you already have on hand.

Source Hello Glow.

When Life Gives You Lemons… Make Beauty Products

Lemons not only smell great they also help make you look amazing! Your hair and skin will love the cleansing and purifying properties of lemon. Plus, mixed with other natural beauty products and you can make any thing you may need. Whiten your teeth at home with lemon juice and baking soda. Just apply the paste with a Q-tip and brush, soon you’ll have a whiter, brighter smile, no chemicals needed.

Source Women’s Health Magazine.

Make DIY Coconut Oil Products

Coconut oil is not only good for your skin, it can also help fight off virus and bacteria. That makes this natural product worth adding to your beauty regime. The shaving cream is amazing, not anything like from a can, but it leaves skin smooth, soft and free of razor burn! I can’t wait to try the sunscreen.

Source Tipsographic.

Beauty Tips Sweet as Honey

Honey has amazing health properties that can keep you looking, and feeling, healthy from the inside out! Use raw honey in many of your beauty rituals and ditch all of those chemicals. Honey will help clear blemishes, keep your hair soft and shiny, help soothe a sunburn and so much more. Plus, honey has antioxidants and enzymes that occur naturally and provide even more benefit!Source: Health Perch

Apple Cider Vinegar is Magic

Apple cider vinegar is a magical elixir that can be used in all kinds of beauty routines (and many other ways)! It is antibacterial and antiseptic, helping to clean and fight infection. All alone it can moisturize, clear blemishes and reduce age spots, but combined with other natural products the uses increase exponentially. You have got to try it!

Source Uses and Benefits.

Natural Beauty Remedies

Here are a few different natural beauty hacks you have got to try! I love using crushed mint to get rid of dark under-eye circles. Most of these suggestions you have to try to believe. Don’t forget, these hacks are not made for instant results but will work just as good as the store bought, chemical rich counterparts over time.

Source Picklee.

DIY Cosmetics at Home

Use the things you have in your pantry already to make yourself look beautiful. Plus, you get to ditch all of the chemicals in your usual beauty products! With some basic ingredients, a storage container and some time, you will have healthy, perfect cosmetics made right at home. Next time you run out of the favorite foundation, bronzer or blush, don’t run to the store, run to the kitchen. 

Source MindBodyGreen.

DIY Organic Make-Up

Throw away all of those harsh chemicals and make your own organic make-up and more, without spending lots of money! Or, if you only use a small amount of make-up, make just enough (and you can compost what you don’t use). Can’t find the perfect color for your complexion, make a custom color. There are so many benefits, and it is so easy, to make your own make-up everyone should try it. And, if you are using organic ingredients, your make-up will be organic, awesome!


Whether you have been making your own beauty products for a while, or are just starting out, all of these tips and hacks will have you well on your way to a beautiful you! You really can replace any store bought beauty product with a DIY version and all natural ingredients. Hopefully, you can find everything you need in these awesome graphs to get natural about your beauty routine.

What are your favorite DIY natural beauty tips and hacks? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

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