Completely Genius, DIY Laundry Products to Save You Money

When it comes to DIY laundry products, find frugal recipes and tips, that go the distance and get the job done! You want clean, great smelling laundry; whites, whiter and your brights, brighter; your clothes softer and static free; you want everything in a great laundry product commercial made right a home. Laundry is a never ending chore, once you are done one load, another seems to appear. Why buy, when you can easily make your own laundry products to save you money! Never again buy store bought detergents, stain remover, fabric softener or whiteners, with these awesome laundry recipes, you’ll be making your own in no time!

These are the best laundry recipes to try! Whether you want chemical free, simple, quick, easy or cheap we have a suggestion for you!

OxyClean Powder Detergent

271 loads of laundry for $27! Making this powdered laundry detergent takes more ingredients, but it does a killer job washing your clothes! This DIY laundry powder requires 3 bars of soap, that need to be grated, but using a food processer makes the job fast and easy. Trust me it is worth it.

See how it is made at Crystal and Co.

Borax Free Liquid Laundry Detergent

Use castile soap to make this all natural, borax free laundry detergent. This soap definitely cleans clothes and leaves them smelling fresh. It is a bit more expensive, per load than other DIY laundry detergents but you can make it and minutes, with no grating necessary!

Found out how at Mom4Real.

DIY Chemical Free Detergent Pods

Make these DIY laundry pods that are chemical free! Use castile soap and no Borax to make these DIY detergent pods for about $4 per 28. They are great for sensitive skin and can be made any size you want!

Get the tutorial from Pins and Procrastination.

DIY Liquid Fabric Softener

Simple, quick and frugal, this is the perfect DIY liquid fabric softener! It does a really good job softening your clothes. The scent of the conditioner will affect the scent of your clothes. Especially if you use the softener during the drying cycle rather than the washing cycle.

See how to make it at Liz Marie Blog.

Reusable Fabric Softener Sponges

These reusable sponges will soften our clothes and have your laundry smelling wonderful! Reusable lavender scented fabric softeners will help your liquid fabric softener last longer and go further! Just soak sponges in watered down fabric softener, add a wrung out sponge to your dryer and replace back into the fabric solution when done using, simple.

See the full post at Smart School House.

Wool Dryer Ball

Save money, cut your drying time, reduce static and soften your clothes with these simple felted wool dryer balls. Let these frugal, natural, balls change the way you do laundry! Simply make them, then use them and throw everything else you know out the window.

Find out how to make the balls at Seasoned Homemaker.

DIY Dryer Sheets

Never buy dryer sheets again! Using fabric scraps, old dish towels, or any kind of dryer-safe cloth, and vinegar make these reusable, frugal dryer sheets that help control static. Feel free to make them any scent you’d like by adding essential oils to the vinegar. Don’t use a jar with metal fasteners or lid, when working with vinegar, only use a jar with a plastic or rubber seal.

Check out the tutorial for these cute dryer sheets at View From the Fridge.

Homemade Stain Remover

Forget the spray bottle, the roll-on or the stick of stain remover just use a bar of castile soap! Take a bar of castile, or laundry, soap inside a reused netted onion bag, tie with some sting and wet with water to clean all of your laundry stains.

Check it out at Real Housemoms.

DIY Crystal Scent Booster

Soften your clothes and add scent with this super simple scent booster! With just course salt and essential oils these all natural ingredients, are frugal and work great. Don’t buy those expensive, chemical based, fabric softeners at the store when you can make this totally genius DIY version in minutes.

Image via

Find everything you need to know at Live Simply.

DIY Bleach Alternative

To keep your whites bright, without bleach, use this bleach alternative during your regular washing. Use some regular household ingredients to make this homemade, all natural bleach alternative. All you need is hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and lemons (essential oils if you want) to make your own bleach alternative and keep the chemicals out of your laundry!

Get the recipe from Don’t Waste the Crumbs.

Make Your Whites, White Again!

Use this simple recipe, and some patience, to turn all of your whites white again! Remove all of those yellow stains and discoloration with a mixture of bleach, borax, laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent. Yep, dishwasher detergent. Mix it all together in HOT water and let it soak with all of your whites. This is where patients comes in, over night is best, but al least a few hours are necessary! Then wash like normal and you’ll have significantly brighter whites,

See the miracle at One Good Thing By Jillee.

Try as many of these awesome DIY laundry recipes as you want and see what works for you! Just make sure you are saving money, and your clothes are clean, with a fresh scent! And, if you use a clothes drier, make your clothes soft and static free with these frugal laundry hacks! It doesn’t take much effort to make all of the laundry products you love at home.

Your turn! Any favorite DIY laundry products you make to save money, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

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