Man Approved, DIY Gifts for Your Guy

When it comes to your sweetheart, holidays and special occasions don’t need a lot of celebration or big gifts. Sometimes, it is just nice to simply enjoy eachothers company, a beautiful dinner at home, and the gift of something sentimental. While looking around for inspiration of my own, I found these fun, meaningful and homemade DIY gifts. Perfect to make my man and the man in your life.

Whether it be birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just for fun, all of these DIY gifts are budget friendly, useful and man approved!

Mountain Man Soap

This homemade soap is perfect for a mans skin and smells delicious! It is cleansing, moisturizing and can be used for face and body. If you want, or need to, you are welcome to make the scent all of your own but the soap base is balanced for a man’s skin and doesn’t need any changes. Learn how to make soap at Soap Deli News.

DIY Wallet

Take a trip to the thrift shop, grab an old cowboy boot and make your man a new leather wallet! If you love saving money, reusing and repurposing, this is the perfect gift for you to make. Plus, all you need are a few sewing tools and you can make a custom, one-of-a-kind wallet. (I had fun just making the thing!) See how it is done at Poppytalk.

DIY Beard Balm

Give a practical, homemade gift to the bearded man in your life! Beard balm helps to soften, moisturize and tame beards of all lengths! Plus, it makes beards so touchable, and not scratchy, it is a gift for you too! Get the recipe at The Rising Spoon.

A Sensual Valentine

Heighten all five senses with this personal, and customizable, sensual DIY gift for him! Give five small, meaningful, gifts of your choosing- each individual gift should be inspired by one of the senses. You can forget the name, this can be used for all occasions. And, don’t forget, it is the thought that counts, not the size of the gifts! Found at What’s on my Porch.

DIY Natural Aftershave Spray

Make this awesome aftershave spray for your man, you will be glad you did! Not only will he love the way it feels, during and after use. You will both love the way it smells! Found at Don’t Mess with Mama.

Sexy Gift For Him

#1 Get him warmed up with the gift of massage. #2 Give him the gift of you wrapped in new lingerie. Perfect for the guy that always wants “you” for every holiday! Found at Somewhat Simple.

You Float My Boat

Give your spouse a Root Beer Float Kit, then have a late night, date night. Perfect for creating an old fashioned ice cream parlor, right at home. You could actually give this gift to anyone for any occasion, not just your sweetie! Found from 30 Handmade Days.

When it comes to getting the man in your life a present, it is always good to make homemade, meaningful gifts. Sentimental gifts are more important than anything material you could buy. So, for that next special occasion, think outside of the box and make something special. You never know, it might be the present they talk about for years to come!

What is your favorite DIY gift to make your sweetheart? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about it!

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