Chic DIY Desk Décor Ideas Every Office Needs

DIY desk décor to get organized and design yourself a chic and functional desk! Your office should be an extension of your personality. By choosing some key decorating pieces and making your own storage and organizing items you can have an office you love. Whether you work at the office, or a home, you can use all of these DIY desk décor ideas for your own work desk. Plus, most of these projects cost little to no money and can be made with everyday materials.

Looking for some visual inspiration for your home office? Click over to Inspiring Ideas for a Girl Boss’s Desk and Office to see some really beautiful and functional office ideas.

When it comes to my office I need a functional space that allows me to be productive and looks good while I’m using it! Plus, I want to love being there and feel inspired. Here are the DIY desk décor projects I found to style and decorate my own office while working hard and sticking to a budget.

DIY Succulent Bookends

Turn some unlikely items into useful and beautiful bookends of the office. Plus, you can include a few succulents to add a green touch to your office. Perfect for people who like objects that multitask. Check out the tutorial at I Spy DIY.

Clipboard Wall Art

Turn functional clipboards into gorgeous wall art! Use the free printables for some motivating quotes to hang on the office wall. Plus, you can spray paint, mod podge or washi tape the boards any way you want. No matter how you decorate or display your one-of-a-kind wall art they are still a functional part of your office. Get the free printables at Craft-o-matic.

Chalk Painted Filing Cabinet

Turn an old or boring filing cabinet into a beautiful piece of décor. If you are like me, a filing cabinet is a life saver and the best way to save all of that paperwork a business accumulates but it is not the best looking piece of furniture. With this tutorial from The Happy Housie some paint, and a stencil, you will be able to make that ugly filing cabinet a perfect piece of furniture for your office.

DIY Yarn Tassel Garland

Choose a yarn (or two, or three) that matches your desk and office décor. Then make this cute DIY tassel garland to give your office some inspiring and colorful décor. It is so easy to make and adds character to your office that will make it cheery and inviting. Not functional office décor, but worth every minute it takes to make this DIY desk décor. See the tutorial at Crafts Unleashed.

Clip Board Gallery Wall

Here is another example of using clipboards as wall art and office décor. If the clipboards are functional in your office, don’t attach them to the wall permanently instead hang them so they can be removed when needed. Learn how to make this gallery wall at A Shade of Teal.

DIY Suede and Gold Leaf Mouse Pad

Update your current mouse pad! With a few simple ideas, and some inspiration, you can make a mouse pad that complements your desk décor and makes you feel happy. This tutorial for a suede and gold leaf mouse pad from Lovely Indeed is functional and beautiful, but can be customized any way you want (or need).

Image via Lovely Indeed

Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes

Use homemade, or premade, storage boxes and decorate them with stickers and other accents to give them a designer look. Kate Spade is a popular designer of office décor but items can be costly, with some simple tricks you can get the same effect with a quick and easy DIY. See the simple explanation at An Exercise in Frugality.

Image via An Exercise in Frugality

Chair Makeover

Make a statement and DIY your desk chair making it match your office décor. You can reupholster, paint or refashion an older chair to give it an instant update without spending hundreds of dollars. Plus, you can design the chair any way you’d like making it a key part of your deck décor while saving you money. See how Beneath My Heart painted a leather Good Will find and made a one-of-a-kind office chair.

DIY Washi Tape Box

Recycle your old cereal boxes into a desk and bookshelf organizer. By using craft paper, or washi tape, you can give new life to something that was destined for the recycling pile. Plus, you can cut the boxes and attach them in any style that you need. Whether you want to store paperwork, magazines or office supplies you can customize these DIY organizers to your desk and office. See the washi tape tutorial at One Good Thing..

I love DIY desk décor that keeps me organized. When it comes to styling and choosing DIY desk décor for my new office everything should be chic, beautiful and functional. I don’t want to spend too much on decorating but I still need office supplies for my day-to-day business routine. I hope you find these DIY desk décor projects helpful for your own office, at home or at work.

Do you have any chic DIY desk décor ideas that keep your desk organized and beautiful? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear how you decorate your office.

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