Challenge yourself to wrap all of your gifts this holiday in an eco-friendly, DIY, way. Pretty much reuse and recycle for all of your gift wrap needs, but make it beautiful and festive.

Gorgeous & Creative DIY Gift Wrap

Be a non-traditionalist when it coming to ‘wrapping paper’ during the holidays! Get creative. Wrapping can be just as creative as the gift!  Really have some fun when it comes to wrapping, make it art and really go for it!

Challenge yourself to wrap all of your gifts this holiday in an eco-friendly, DIY, way. Pretty much reuse and recycle for all of your gift wrap need, but make it beautiful and festive.

  1. Use the things you have! Look at your recycling pile, magazines, newspaper, shopping bags, or any paper makes great wrapping paper. Once you stat seeing these things differently, the possibilities are endless.
  2.  Think outside of the recycling box. Cereal boxes, shoe boxes, appliance boxes, or any empty box has potential to be reused as wrapping material! Smaller containers, boxes or jars with lids, make great stocking stuffers. Wrap glass jars in pretty printed cloth for a beautiful presentation.
  3.  Buy sensible! If you buy wrapping material make sure it is reusable. Wrap food in two cloth napkins. Use a cloth tote as a gift bag. Get creative!
  4. Keep it simple. It is easy to get carried away and try to ‘make-up’ for your unique choice of wrapping- DON’T! Less is definitely more. Brown paper, masking tape and twine. Newspaper, sprigs of holly and a simple ribbon. Check out the examples to see simplicity in action!

Here are some inspirations to get you started. Entertain, delight and surprise the receiver of any holiday gift with these unique wrapping styles.

Cookie Cutter Print

Grab a roll of brown packing paper, or craft paper. Using any shape cookie cutters, and paint, create a beautiful pattern! The tutorial even uses smelly paint for an extra awesome touch! Use recycled shopping bags, newspaper, parchment paper or magazine pages if you don’t have a roll of craft paper!cookiecutter

Get the tutorial at the Nurture Store.

Floral Gift Wrapping

Use cloth and fresh flowers to add natural whimsy to your holiday wrapping! Reuse burlap, fabric scraps, cloth napkins, handkerchiefs, tea towels or any other fabric, in place of paper. Then tie it with a few fresh flowers, or greenery, a ribbon and you have a dazzling wrapping display!floral

See the tutorial at The Pretty Blog.

Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Wrap

Use whatever you have on hand! Don’t just recycle old paper, use extra craft supplies, scrap fabric or anything you can think of, finding things is half the fun!


See how it is done at Somerset Place.

Newspaper and Garden String

Turn yesterday’s news into wrapping paper! You can even pick specific topics, or sections, depending on the person! Pair it with green garden string, or twine, for an classic, interesting,

See it at HGTV.

Hand Printed Fabric Gift Wrap

Use any kind of fabric, and any print motif, to make beautiful gift wrapping. Use a beautiful knot to tie the package, add a sprig of fresh herbs, or greens, and a gift tag and you are ready to gift away!whale

See the tutorial from Unruly Things.

DIY Stitched Up Gift Wrap

A show stopper and a crowd pleaser! Make these paper stars with some large pieces of paper and a sewing machine! You can make them in just about any size and stuffed with any confetti. Use them for any gift as long as it’s quite flat, or soft. Try out different shapes, a half moon or a circle. It’s a choose your adventure type wrapping!


Get the tutorial at A Pair & A Spare.

Customized Potato Print

Use a potato, a cookie cutter, stamp ink (or paint) and some paper for your own gift wrap print! You can use this frugal wrap for any holiday, at any time of year!potato

See the tutorial at The Magic Onions.

A beautiful wrapped gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Turn wrapping presents, from daunting, to creative and fun with some interesting recycling and an eye for simplicity. The more beautiful to look at, or fun to open, the better! Use these simple tutorials for some inspirations and get wrapping!

Your turn! If you have any awesome DIY gift wrapping you want to share, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

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