Genius Daily Habits for a Clean Bathroom, Always

I love a clean and tidy house, but that doesn’t mean I actually enjoy cleaning or have time to clean. I am always looking for the quickest, most efficient, way to keep a clean home, without all of the work. That is especially true when it comes to a clean bathroom. I think we can all agree, it is the yuckiest room to clean and gets dirty fast. That’s why I came up with these, quick and easy, daily habits for a clean bathroom. In just 5 minutes a day, I can keep the a tidy and clean bathroom, without much effort.  The daily habits I use, make it second nature to clean the bathroom, it never actually feels like work, and I never have to ‘make time’ to get it done.

Now I have more time to go out and conquer the world… just kidding. But, I do have more time to conquer the mountains I set for myself, and what can be better than that?

This is how I clean my bathroom in 5 minutes a day…

  1. Clean the toilet bowl with your toilet brush and toilet bowl cleaner, don’t flush- let it soak, then put the brush under the seat to drip and drain into the boil. Now spray the whole toilet top to bottom, and the brush, with a disinfectant. We will come back to it.
    Image via The Clean Haven
  2.  Once the toilet is sprayed, spray the sink, faucets, counter tops and mirror with the same disinfectant you used on the toilet. Then, store the disinfectant spray in the shower/tub area, we will use it again.
  3.  Next, use a damp (not wet) sponge, or cloth, to wipe the mirror clean. Then begin wiping everything down with the damp cloth- the counter tops, faucets, and the sink. Wring out the rag, wipe up any excess water and put it with the spray in the shower/tub area.
    Image via Beauty Harmony Life
  4. Now, buff shine everything you have cleaned thus far. Use a dry sponge, rag, towel or paper towels, to completely dry and buff the mirror, working your way down to the sink, faucet and counter tops. Hold on to this damp cloth or paper towels, we’ll use them again.
    Image via Stay at Home Mum
  5. Now for the toilet. Use a few pieces of toilet paper to remove anything nasty, crusty, hairy or gross, and drop it in the toilet bowl. Then use the sponge, damp cloth or paper towels, used to buff the mirror and sink, to wipe down the toilet. Starting with the tank lid, and move down to the floor- from the cleanest to the dirtiest areas. Now flush the toilet. Put the soiled cloth right into the washing machine or the paper towels into the trash. Set the toilet brush into the trash to dry it some more.
    Image via Cleanipedia
  6.  Use the disinfecting spray and the damp cloth to wash down the shower/tub- just like you did the sink area. Once the shower is clean, the toilet brush should be dry enough to put back in the brush holder.
  7. Vacuum or sweep the floor. All done!

Taking a shower or bath? When you are done bathing, use a squeegee and a designated towel to dry the sides, and floor, of the shower/tub. This will remove any dirt, minerals and soap scum, never allowing it to build up! Then, hang the towel and use it for this purpose until it is time to do laundry. I use a clothes pin to label the dirty towel, I don’t want to end up drying off with the cleaning towel. Taking 30 seconds to do this will save you ever deep cleaning the shower/tub!

Getty Image via Good Housekeeping

I hope that sharing my daily habits for a clean bathroom helps! Now you can have a clean bathroom in minutes a day. With these daily habits you’ll always have a tidy and beautiful space, you never have to find time to clean, and that means more time for you to achieve something awesome!

Do you have any daily habits for a clean bathroom you want to share? Let me know about it in the comments! I’d love to know your system!


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