Beyond Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards Anyone Can Make!

You don’t need to be skilled or artistic to make your own DIY Valentine’s Day cards! These Valentine’s Day cards are so simple, and beautiful, they have me excited for Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait to make these easy cards for my family and friends. Making your own Valentine’s Day cards are simple ways to show people how much they mean to you.

Here are the awesome and super simple DIY Valentine’s Day cards I plan to make this year.

Candy Heart Shaker Card

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Card from Made to Create, find the tutorial below!

Who doesn’t love old fashioned valentine candy hearts! With a few simple materials you can make this easy, and cute, DIY Valentine’s Day card. Include an actual jar of candy to really make your DIY gift shine.

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Card Made with Minimal Supplies

Card from Kristina Werner, find the tutorial below!

This card is sweet and easy to make! It has a very free hand feel making it perfect for those not artistically inclined. Don’t worry about making it perfect, it is about the thought! Plus, watercolor is beautiful, mistakes and all!

Handmade Valentine’s Day Card

Card from The Postman’s Knock, find the tutorial below!

Simple to make, this DIY Valentine’s Day card is cute and festive! Plus, you can make a ton of them to give to family and friends in no time. With only a few materials, you may already have what you need to make this handmade card.

DIY Valentine’s Day Card

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Card from Little Inspirations, find the tutorial below!

Even if you cannot create vinyl letters, like me, you can still use this card for inspiration. Then, create your own version because this card is festive, joyous and simple. All you need is a few materials and you have a beautiful card to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

DIY Valentine Stamp with Card Printable

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Card from Little Monster, find the tutorial below!

Create your own DIY Valentine’s Day stamps with small pieces of wood (or a potato) and make your own card! Design your own DIY Valentine’s Day Card, or use the printable provided. The zebra and hippo print is adorable.

DIY: Message in a Bottle Valentine

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Card from Style Me Pretty, find the tutorial below!

Make anyone feel like a kid again with this adorable and romantic valentine. You can make small bottles as party favors, or make a personal, romantic bottle for your sweetheart. Whatever you choose to do with this valentine it will have hearts beating!

How to: Make a DIY Scratch-off Valentine

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Card from Curbly, find the tutorial below!

An exciting DIY Valentine’s Day card that is fun, loving and sexy. Make one or many, include an actual prize or prizes to go with your DIY scratch-offs. These are so much better than physical, materials gifts and totally customizable!

DIY Heartburst Valentine’s Day Card

Image via

Card from Tinsel & Trim, find the tutorial below!

Simple and elegant, this beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day card is sure to warm the heart. Plus, it is cheerful and bright and makes quite a bold statement. Just think, all you need is card stock, an envelope, tape and scissors!

Easy DIY Watercolor Card

Card from My Beautiful Everyday, find the tutorial below!

The most simple DIY Valentine’s Day card you can make! Create a folded card, cut a stencil, and paint! Design this card anyway you would like, it is that simple.

Don’t be scared to make your own Valentine’s Day cards! It may seem intimidating but they are really as simple as they seem. Actually, most of the ones I chose where just white card stock and paint, really easy and customizable. Plus, they are fun to make, not just give!

If you have any simple and easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards that anyone could make, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear about it!


Candy Heart Shaker Card: Made to Create

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Card Made with Minimal Supplies: Kristina Werner

Handmade Valentine’s Day Card Tutorial: The Postman’s Knock

DIY Valentine’s Day Card: Little Inspiration

DIY Valentine Stamps with Card Printable: Little Monster

DIY: Message in a Bottle Valentine: Style Me Pretty, via Camille Styles

How to: Make a DIY Scratch-off Valentine: Curbly

DIY Heartburst Valentine’s Day Card: Tinsel & Trim

Easy DIY Water Color Card: My Beautiful Everyday

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