Become an Expert at Forcing Spring Bulbs

Forcing spring bulbs is a great way to bring beautiful, and cheerful, garden blooms into your home while the outdoor garden sleeps. It is not difficult to force your favorite bulbs to flower indoors. Choose a beautiful, or unique, forcing jar and your favorite spring blooming bulbs, then plant during winter for blooms to brighten your home. Just, follow these instructions, guides, tips and tricks to become an expert at forcing spring bulbs. Once you get the hang of it, you will have a collection of blooming bulbs and be gifting these brilliant flowers to everyone you know!

Here is all of the information you need to know about forcing spring bulbs for beautiful, indoor displays.

Tips for Forcing Spring Bulbs

It is not difficult to force your favorite spring bulbs. Most of the time all you need is a healthy bulb, a vase or container and some water and you’ll be growing indoor flowing plants for spring. Think tulips, daffodils, crocuses and paper whites in stunning arrangements around the home. Amaryllis and paper whites don’t need to be chilled like other bulbs, just plant and place in warm, bright indirect light. Check out this fantastic advice about forcing spring bulbs!

Source: A Healthy Life for Me

When to Force Bulbs

Sometimes, you are able to approximate the bloom time of your flowering spring bulbs. That way you are able to display them throughout the home at planned times. Imagine a beautiful and festive little bunch of paper whites at your Christmas dinner table. Or, mini daffodils, planted in eggshells, displayed on your Easter brunch buffet. With a little bit of planning you are able to have beautiful blooms just when you need them. 

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Forcing Crocus Bulbs

Plant your crocus bulbs one inch deep in slightly moist soil. Then put the pot in a dark, cold environment for 2-3 months to allow the bulbs to establish roots. After this ‘dormant’ period, put the pot in a warm environment and in about a month you will have beautiful blooms. See more details at Kevin Lee Jacobs.

Image via Kevin Lee Jacobs

Forcing Hyacinth to Bloom

One of the most fragrant of the forced bulbs, hyacinth is easy, and eager, to grow. With a little patience and some knowledge you can bring this iconic flower of spring indoors this year. Then, once the bulb is done blooming, store it for use year after year with looser, less compact flowers.  Get all of the information you need at Martha Stewart.

Forcing Tulip Flowers

Forcing tulips in water, or a soilless medium, is a great way to display the colorful blooms indoors. You can either force individual bulbs in small jars, or create a striking display by planting a bunch of bulbs together in the same vase. Then, display the flowers indoors in bright indirect light. With tulips, make sure that they are exposed to cold for an extended period of time or they will not bloom. Learn more at Sand and Sisal.

Forcing Daffodil Blooms

Cheerful and stunning, the yellow blooms of the daffodil will brighten any home in the cold beginning of spring. While waiting for the snow to melt, and your outdoor daffodils to bloom, you can force daffodils to have a touch of early spring. A bunch of mini daffodils makes the cutest Easter centerpiece, try it out. Learn how to force daffodil bulbs at Gardening Know How.

Image via Gardening Know How

Amaryllis & Paperwhites

Usually grown for blooms during the fall and beginning of winter, these two bulb flowers can be grown in the spring also. Choose to grow a large, amaryllis that produces a few large, brilliant blooms. Or, plant a bunch of small, delicate paper whites altogether for a festive cold weather display. Neither of these varieties needs to be chilled before planting so they bloom with less waiting. But they cannot be reused and should be discarded after blooming. See all of the details at The Garden Glove.

Image via The Garden Glove

The Victorian tradition of forcing spring bulbs indoors is a fanatic pastime that needs to be tried! Blooming spring bulbs adds fragrance and beauty to any indoor space and festive spring décor to your home. Flowering bulbs do take some time and patience, but almost no work and very little care. They are very low maintenance plants, just allow them to have ample time to chill and they will produce magnificent blooms in the cold of spring.

What is your favorite kind of bulb to display inside? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to know what flowering spring bulbs you use to decorate your home!

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