Amazing Garden Seed Companies for the Best Vegetables

It is seed catalog, and vegetable garden planning, time! Get ready for the planting season by investigating and buying seeds from a company you can trust. Garden seed companies at the top of your list should have healthy, fresh seeds, an array of varieties and great seed germination. For really great vegetables, choose companies that also provide detailed descriptions of your selection, planting and growing advice, and helpful stories and advice. Always buy organic, heirloom, Non-Genetically Modified seeds from companies that are environmentally aware and ethical.

Here are some more great resources for your garden!

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There are many, many, amazing garden seed companies. Some are large, some are small, but they all offer a wide variety of vegetable, herb and flower seeds for your home garden. These are my favorites based on price, ethics, and of course seed performance and yields!

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

All of the seeds that come out of Baker Creek are amazing! This small seed company offers rare, and historical, heirloom seeds from around the world. Find 2,000 vegetable, herb and flower seeds, and live plants, from over 100 hundred countries that you can’t find anywhere else. They also have a wide variety of gifts and garden tools that can be ordered online and from their seed catalogue. In Missouri? Visit the Baker Creek Farm and Store.

Visit Baker Creek to order a catalogue!

Strictly Medicinal

Looking to grow truly medicinal herbs and plants, look no further. With a wide and varied collection of rare and heirloom medicinal plants you will love this small operated seed company. They also offer organic cover crops, vegetables and herbs. You can even buy live trees, root, bulbs, tubers and a wide variety of hard to find plants.

Order at catalogue from Strictly Medicinal to see the cool stuff they offer!

Seed Savers Exchange

At Heritage Farm, in Iowa, is a freezer vault that is home to over 20,000 heirloom and open-pollinated seeds. The Seed Savers Exchange provides heirloom and open-pollinated varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers to help preserve these amazing varieties. Heritage Farm, and Seed Savers Exchange, are also home to 1,000 heritage apple trees and their own seed historian. Feel comfortable growing any seed sourced from the exchange and be amazed by the results.

Request a copy of the beautiful Seed Savers Exchange catalogue, you wont be disappointed!

High Mowing Organic

Up in the mountains of Vermont is High Mowing Organic Seeds. This small, responsible company offers 600 heirloom, open-pollinated, all organic vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seeds. Many of the seeds are still produced on the original, 40 acre, plot the company started on. Others are sources from other small, ethical, organic farms across the country.

Find the catalogue and see all the great things High Mowing Organic Seeds are doing!

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

A company forefront in the movement against GMO seed production and cultivation. This Maine based, employee owned, company is out spoken about safe seed production, exchange and evolution and has vowed to follow the Safe Seed Pledge. With hundreds of open-pollinated, organic and heirloom varieties. They also offer cool tools and hard to find products you will love!

Request a catalogue and order some wicked cool products from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

Renee’s Garden

A small seed company where all of the seeds are grown for the home gardener in mind. These seeds are specifically chosen for home grown, farm to table varieties. All of these seeds are heirloom, non-GMO varieties that produce gourmet vegetable and herbs. You should also check out their awesome annuals collection with some really great heirloom flower varieties for your home garden!

See all of the delicious vegetable and herb seeds from Renee’s Garden.

Wood Prairie Farm

Potatoes, this Maine based seed company is all about the potatoes! Yes, they offer awesome, organic, seeds for vegetables and herbs. Yes, they offer homemade pantry goods, dried beans and other, deliciously, homegrown products. But this company knows potatoes! The variety, germination and production of their organic potatoes is awesome! Don’t believe me, sample some ready to eat, fresh grown, potatoes sent right from the farm! Or, don’t even grow your own potatoes, sign up for a regular variety of fresh potatoes delivered right to your door!

Find the best homegrown organic potatoes at Wood Prairie Farm.

Don’t have space for an outdoor garden? Here are some tools to help your indoor garden flourish!

Give your indoor plants the best care in the world with these two resources: Houseplant Care: Air Moisture and Houseplant Care: Watering.

Thinking about decorating your house with plants? Here are some great resources to inspire your indoor jungle. Houseplant Decor Ideas, Use Plants to Make Every Room Beautiful, and Plants Make Unique Home Décor.

Have fun getting to know these fantastic garden seed companies and all of the great varieties they have to offer! Most of these companies offer more than just great seeds. Don’t forget to look into the wonderful other plants, tools, and programs these companies offer, you will be glad you did.

Your turn! What are your favorite seed companies for great vegetables? I’d love to hear about them!

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