Hello and welcome to Dory Fitz!  Dory Fitz is a place to share things to inspire you to live the life you want. Whether you want to learn basic food knowledge, live a simpler life, improve your finances or learn some gardening hacks, Dory Fitz is your guide to that, and more. Consider Dory Fitz your virtual friend, someone you can turn to for advice, tips, and recipes.

I was inspired to start Dory Fitz when I realized I wanted to improve my life, and to help others improve their lives along the way. My grandmother taught me that in all aspects of life, you need to embrace change,  follow your passions, and live the life you want, no one will do it for you.

In her honor, Dory Fitz was created to help me, and you, do just that.

about katelyn.

Art and music are my meditations. I am an eldest child. I was born and raised on the shores of Cape Cod. I am a water baby. I brake for wildlife. I dance in the rain. I sing like a superstar when I’m alone. I smile often and laugh a lot. I prefer the country to the city. My grandmother is my best friend. Nature is my happy place. Punky Brewster is my fashion idol. I believe in small, family owned business. Green Mountain College graduate.

Just A Few of My Favorite Things… A cold hard cider. Watching a seed grow. A scoop of homemade ice cream. L.L. Bean flannel shirts and wool blankets. Bare feet. Travel. Family (including my two feline daughters). Road trips. Sea salt air. Sleeping outside. All night talking, and drinking, with friends. Wood stoves and beach bonfires. Stargazing and birdwatching. Growing the food I eat. Running in the early morning.