Be the Best Host in the World

Be the best host! It is not hard nor time consuming. Use some simple ideas to turn your home into a fine hotel for your guests! Provide your guests with a private comfortable space, some luxuries, remember the essentials and prepare for any specifics and have an amazing visit!

Having a house guest is all about connection. To be the best host, know what you’d like to do with each guest personally before they leave, then promptly schedule it with them. Visits can be rushed and busy, and real connection can get lost in the shuffle. Scheduling time with friends and/or family staying in your home will make the visit that much more enjoyable!

When we have guests real life doesn’t stop, Spend even more quality time with your guests by including them in your everyday activities. Plus, guests don’t feel like a burden, or that they are ‘putting you out’, making the visit more relaxing and enjoyable! Your visitors will also be more comfortable visiting often adding value and happiness to your life! (If you enjoy visitors.)

Visiting family or friends? Learn How to be a Perfect House Guest with a few simple etiquette tips and tricks!

The Room


Whether you have a spare room, guest room, or blow up an air mattress in your living room, make guests feel comfortable, relaxed and at home. If you are using a private room, it should be simple, organized and uncluttered. If you can, the room should include a laundry hamper, small waste bin and a small sitting area for your guests to use at their leisure. A corner with a comfortable chair, small table and a lamp is all that is needed.

If you set up an air bed in an public space it should be in an uncluttered and open area. Be sure to provide your visitor privacy and their own space, even if it is just with a folding screen. Also, use a small, lightweight, table, or chair, to provide a small bedside table.

Provide a small desk, or an empty tabletop. You can stock it with some niceties such as, pens and paper, note cards, envelopes, and stamps. This is the place to also offer your guests a charging station for electronics. At the station include a universal USB charger (incase they forgot anything), and an empty power strip (for plugging into).

Check out this cute graphic, from Aestate, to create A Cozy Guest Room!

The Bed


When preparing a bed for a guest make sure you give them plenty of options. Provide each guest two pillows, preferably one firm and one soft. You should also try to include one small pillow for relaxing and leisure. Prepare the bed using crisp, clean, cotton sheets and pillow cases, and a lightweight comforter. Also, the best host, provides guests with access to a heavier comforter and smaller throw blanket.

Real Simple explains How to Make a Bed Your Guests Won’t Want to Leave!

Niceties for your Guests


The best hosts provided some personal luxuries to make your guests feel special! A few bottles of water, some wrapped chocolates and some fresh flowers, in their room, are always exciting treats! Leave a small collection of books and magazines accessible, and tailored to their tastes, in their room. If you have extras, provide slippers and a robe.

Your guests may be baffled by the electronics and gadgets in your home. Your stereo, garage doors, TV, climate-control, burglar-alarm systems and thermostats are all new and different. Type or write out instructions, and store them in a folder or binder, to provide guests with a guide to using your keypads and remote controls.

Make a special guest information guide that includes useful household information and quirks. Useful information is anything someone may need if you aren’t around. This can be your home’s wifi passwords, where to find the first aid kit, emergency contact numbers, the address, take-out menus for delivery, where to find the hide-a-key or a TV channel guide.

To personalize your guest’s information include some household quirks that are useful and charming. Like, the hot water takes forever, the house wakes up early (you don’t have to), and the cat may try to sleep with you at night. Or, the kitchen trash is found under the sink, please don’t feed the dog people food and where to find the art supplies!

Compile a list of some of your favorite local places, restaurants, cafes, museums, antiques shops, movie theaters, anything in the area that you recommend.  If you think public transportation is necessary, provide timetables and information for buses, ferries, or trains.

Look at the example, from Apartment Therapy, How To Make a Houseguest Welcome/Survival Kit! This is by far my favorite little kit.

The Essentials

Image: Creative Mama
Image: Creative Mama

Make sure your spare bedroom, or sleeping area, has the essentials on hand. Try to make a full length mirror available to your guest, whether in the bedroom, bathroom or powder room. A great host anticipates all of their guest’s needs. You can do this efficiently by putting together a basket of travel size containers of toothpaste, mouth wash, shampoo and conditioner, disposable razors, floss, packets of single-dose pain relievers and antacids. You can even include a few snacks like protein bars, granola bars or trail mix.

Want to be the best host? Make my favorite Guest Room Welcome Basket from The Creative Mama!

Be sure to stock all of your bathrooms with toilet paper, hand towels, soap and any other essentials. Don’t have your guests requesting necessities.

Martha Stewart suggests keeping a set of guest towels bound with a ribbon. When you expect guests just transfer the whole bundle to the spare bedroom. You can even use a colored hanging loop to color code your matching guest towels and help your guests keep track of their own.

Provide Storage


Provide your guests with a small shower caddy. This will give them a convenient, and tidy, way of carrying their personal items around without always re-packing their toiletries in a travel case. Plus, your guests toiletries wont be all over the bathroom.

Give your guests storage for their clothes. No one wants to live out of a suitcase! Provide space in a closet, including a variety of empty hangers, for your guests to hang their clothes and jackets. In a private room, include an empty dresser, or drawer space, for people to unpack. If you don’t have a private space, or empty drawers, set up a simple luggage rack for your guests.

From Home Advisor, here are 5 Ways to Get Your Guest Room in Order, to declutter and open up storage for your visitors!

Respect Eating Habits


Show guests where to find snacks, drinking glasses, utensils, and tell them to help themselves to anything. Keep some easy-to-prepare breakfast foods like bagels, granola, fruit, pastries, and cold cereals organized on the kitchen counter. Encourage people to serve themselves as they wake up, at their leisure, in the morning.

Consider your guests’ food preferences and allergies. Take into consideration whether a guest is vegetarian, gluten free, or allergic to fish, nuts, or dairy products. Your offerings, and menus, should include appropriate options for all of your guests. Be sure that your pantry and refrigerator are appropriately stocked.

Here is a great guide to Preparing for a Guest with Food Allergies from Restoring our Roots!

Now that you are the best host in the world, be consistent! When you offer your guests the same amazing treatment, it’s very comforting and welcoming. Especially after a long, probably disorganized, day of travel. People love consistency and are much more comfortable when they know just what to expect!

Happy Hosting!

Your turn! If you have any tips or advice for being the best host, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

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