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‘Tis the season for some delicious, quick and easy, winter cocktails and drinks! Whether you are entertaining, trying to stay (or get) warm, or just spending time with family and friends, you can always use some tried and true drink recipes. Here are some winter cocktails with a seasonal theme, some for family and some strictly adult, to get you out of the kitchen, out from behind the bar and, enjoying the company and moments of the season!




With or without the snowman this drink is charming, easy to make and uses common ingredients. Great for serving at a cocktail party, after dinner drinks, or a seasonal party! Warming and smooth this creamy wintercocktail is perfect for cold winter nights with family and friends.

Get the recipe from A Cozy Home.



Make this easy, dump and run, Hot Chocolate anytime, a perfect family drink or winter cocktailse! With loads of chocolate, this warm and creamy drink is not too sweet but totally satisfying. Make a large batch for everyone in the house and let adults create their own Hot Chocolate Cocktails with some simple additions. Having a party? Just set up a Hot Chocolate Bar, include all of the ingredients for your chosen varieties and a cute little “how-to” sign and you’re all set!

Grown Up Hot Chocolate Suggestions

Red Wine Hot Chocolate: Add 1-2 oz. Red Wine per serving

Chocolate Stout Hot Chocolate: Reduce stout by 2/3 the original volume. Add 3-5 oz. of reduced stout to each serving. A 12 oz. bottle, reduced, should make 2-3 Hot Chocolates.

Spiced Hot Chocolate: Add 1-2 oz. spiced rum, a pinch cinnamon and a 1/2 pinch nutmeg to each serving.

Kahlua Hot Chocolate: Add 2-4 oz. Kahlua per serving.

Get the crockpot Hot Chocolate recipe from Passion For Savings.


Image: Baked Bree, via

A winter themed Rum Punch full of season fresh cranberries, citrus, spice and, oh yeah, booze. This recipe is perfect for entertaining, make a batch (or two), and let guests serve them selves! Plus, it is wicked pretty!

Get the recipe for Jingle Juice from Baked Bree.



The best way to warm up on a chilly winter night is with this Apple Cider Buttered Rum! Make the butter ahead of time, store it in the fridge, and whenever you have warm apple cider make yourself a mug of this warming brew! For parties with children and adults it is perfect! Just put on a crockpot of apple cider for everyone and at the bar include the ingredients for the Buttered Rum winter cocktail, with a cute little “how-to” sign, and let people serve themselves! Dual purpose.

Get the recipe of Apple Cider Buttered Rum from Serena Bakes Simply from Scratch.



Don’t forget the beer drinkers! When it comes to cocktail parties, beer usually gets left by the way side. This season, include this Beer Sangria at all of your gatherings and make the beer drinker in your life feel included! Plus, with loads of fresh citrus, pineapple juice, vodka and beer, not many people will be turning this refreshing cocktail down!

Get the recipe for Citrus Beer Sangria from Self Proclaimed Foodie.


Image: How Sweet It Is, via
Image: How Sweet It Is, via

A cocktail that is warm and spicy, count me in! Mulled Wine is perfect for informal gatherings, in a thermos at outdoor winter concerts and holiday celebrations. Whether you like white or red, you can enjoy the flavorful delights of Mulled Wine.

Get the recipe for Mulled Wine (Two Ways) from How Sweet It Is.


Image: Creative Culinary, via
Image: Creative Culinary, via

A traditional Irish Coffee with a nutty twist. This coffee based cocktail is perfect to warm up on a cold morning, after dinner or during a party! It is definitely welcome and delicious on a cold, snow covered, morning during Sunday brunch! A perfect, wake up and warm up, drink for the weekend!

Get the recipe for The Nutty Irishman at Creative Culinary.


Image: Joyful Healthy Eats, via
Image: Joyful Healthy Eats, via

Start your winter weekends, gatherings and celebrations on a tasty note with this delicious Holiday Sangria! With fresh citrus, pomegranate, pears, red wine and, garnished with citrus and cinnamon, it sure to give you that fuzzy winter feeling (all wine aside). Plus, wine lovers (like me) love to try new, and refreshing, recipes for sangria and don’t even need an excuse!

Get the recipe for The Ultimate Holiday Sangria from Joyful Healthy Eats.


Image: Real Housemoms, via

Quick, easy, seasonal and delicious! Everything you want out of a warm, and relaxing, cocktail during the colder seasons! The recipe uses cranberry juice but if you can get cranberry tea, it is worth it! This Cranberry Hot Toddy is perfect for sitting by the fire, late nights wrapping presents or just a quiet night at home with family.

Get the Cranberry Hot Toddy recipe from Real Housemoms.


Image: Little Spice Jar, vis
Image: Little Spice Jar, via

Make this easy, dump and run, crockpot, Mexican Hot Chocolate! Full of chocolate, this drink is thick, rich, creamy and with flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and chili spice, delicious! Perfect for warming up everyone in the house during the winter , whether you serve it as a family friendly drink or winter cocktail. For an extra warming, grown up, Mexican Hot Chocolate just add 1-2 oz. of cinnamon whiskey per serving.

Check out the crockpot recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate at Little Spice Jar.


Image: Décor and the Dog, via
Image: Décor and the Dog, via

This sparkling apple, white wine, sangria is bubbly, juicy and sweet, it doesn’t even taste like alcohol! This Simple Sangria is quick and easy to put together and you can even serve this beautiful winter cocktail immediately. If you have time, let the wine and fruit soak overnight before adding the apple cider and serving, allowing the flavors to combine and solidify.

Get the recipe for Simple Sangria from Decor and the Dog.

When it comes to the winter season we all want to enjoy time with family, and friends, and these simple recipes can help! Whatever winter cocktail or drinks you decide to serve, make sure they are quick, easy to make, easy to serve and delicious! You can use one, or more, seasonal drink recipes to impress visitors, embrace the holiday season and deal with in-laws and visiting family (I joke!).

Your turn! If you have a season themed drink, or cocktail, recipe you’d like to share, leave it in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

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